Science and Technology of Thin Film Superconductors

  • Robert D. McConnell
  • Stuart A. Wolf

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiv
  2. Laser Deposition

    1. T. Venkatesan, X. D. Wu, B. Dutta, A. Inam, M. S. Hegde, D. M. Hwang et al.
      Pages 1-9
    2. H. S. Kwok, J. P. Zheng, Z. Q. Huang, Q. Y. Ying, S. Witanachchi, D. T. Shaw
      Pages 11-20
    3. Tomoji Kawai, Masaki Kanai, Hitoshi Tabata, Shichio Kawai
      Pages 21-26
    4. B. F. Kim, J. Bohandy, E. Agostinelli, T. E. Phillips, W. J. Green, F. J. Adrian et al.
      Pages 27-33
    5. S. H. Liou, N. J. Ianno, B. Johs, D. Thompson, D. Meyer, John A. Woollam
      Pages 35-43
    6. R. Sega, R. Lawconnell, R. Motes, T. Grycewicz, T. McNeil, J. McNally
      Pages 53-59
  3. Evaporation

    1. D. S. Ginley, J. F. Kwak, E. L. Venturini, M. A. Mitchell, R. P. Hellmer, B. Morosin et al.
      Pages 71-80
    2. D. K. Lathrop, S. E. Russek, K. Tanabe, R. A. Buhrman
      Pages 81-90
    3. P. R. Broussard
      Pages 91-100
    4. J. Kwo, M. Hong, D. J. Trevor, R. M. Fleming, A. E. White, R. C. Farrow et al.
      Pages 101-110
    5. A. L. de Lozanne, A. B. Berezin, S. Pan, R. M. Silver, E. Ogawa
      Pages 111-119
    6. I. D. Raistrick, F. H. Garzon, J. G. Beery, D. K. Wilde, K. N. Springer, R. J. Sherman et al.
      Pages 121-129
    7. X. K. Wang, S. J. Lee, K. C. Sheng, Y. H. Shen, S. N. Song, R. P. H. Chang et al.
      Pages 141-146
  4. Sputtering

    1. Kiyotaka Wasa, Hideaki Adachi, Yo Ichikawa, Kumiko Hirochi, Kentaro Setsune
      Pages 147-156
    2. J. Fujita, T. Tatsumi, T. Yoshitake, H. Igarashi
      Pages 175-184
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      Pages 199-203
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      Pages 205-213
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      Pages 215-220
    8. R. J. Lin, P. T. Wu
      Pages 221-227
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      Pages 259-264
    14. C. X. Qiu, I. Shih, C. Moreau, B. Champagne, S. Dallaire
      Pages 265-270
  5. Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition

    1. K. Zhang, B. S. Kwak, E. P. Boyd, A. C. Wright, A. Erbil
      Pages 271-279
    2. C. I. M. A. Spee, A. Mackor
      Pages 281-294
    3. J. Zhao, H. O. Marcy, L. M. Tonge, B. W. Wessels, T. J. Marks, C. R. Kannewurf
      Pages 295-299
  6. Thick Film

    1. K. L. Chopra, P. Pramanik, B. Roul, S. Chakraborty, T. K. Dey, S. Srinivasan et al.
      Pages 309-316
    2. Roman Sobolewski, Witold Kula
      Pages 317-325
  7. Substrate Studies

    1. R. Feenstra, J. D. Budai, D. K. Christen, M. F. Chisholm, L. A. Boatner, M. D. Galloway et al.
      Pages 327-336
    2. R. W. Simon, A. E. Lee, C. E. Platt, K. P. Daly, J. A. Luine, C. B. Eom et al.
      Pages 337-346
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      Pages 347-352
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      Pages 363-370
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      Pages 371-375
    6. George J. Valco, Norman J. Rohrer, John J. Pouch, Joseph D. Warner, Kul B. Bhasin
      Pages 377-386
  8. Characterization

    1. Guo-Guang Zheng, Dong-Qi Li, Wei Wang, Jia-Qi Zheng, Wei-Yan Guan, Pu-Fen Chen
      Pages 387-393
    2. E. L. Venturini, J. F. Kwak, D. S. Ginley, B. Morosin, R. J. Baughman
      Pages 395-405
    3. Neelkanth G. Dhere, John P. Goral, Alice R. Mason, Nalin R. Parikh, Bijoy K. Patnaik
      Pages 407-414

About this book


The Conference on the Science and Technology of Thin Film Superconductors was conceived in the early part of 1988 as a forum for the specialist in thin film superconductivity. The conference was held on November 14-18, 1988, in Co lorado Springs, Co lorado. Al though many excellent superconductivity conferences had been convened in the wake of the 1986-1987 discoveries in high temperature superconductivity, thin film topics were often dispersed among the sessions of a more general conference agenda. The response to the Conference on the Science and Technology of Thin Film Superconductors confirmed the need for an extended conference devoted to thin film superconductors. These proceedings are a major contribution to the technnology of thin film superconductivity because of the breadth and quality of the articles provided by leaders in the field. The proceedings are divided into articles on laser deposition, sputtering, evaporation, metal organic chemical vapor deposition, thick film, substrate studies, characterization, patterning and applications, and general properties. Most of the articles discuss scientific issues for high temperature thin film superconductors, although the conference was to be a forum for technology and scientific questions for both low and high temperature superconductivity. For the first day of the 5 day conference, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory had organized an excellent set of short courses in superconduc t ing thin film devices.


metals superconductivity thin films

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