Structure of Biological Membranes

  • Sixten Abrahamsson
  • Irmin Pascher

Part of the Nobel Foundation Symposia book series (NOFS, volume 34)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages N1-xi
  2. Sixten Abrahamsson, Birgitta Dahlén, Håkan Löfgren, Irmin Pascher, Staffan Sundell
    Pages 1-23
  3. M. Avron, U. Pick, Y. Shahak, Y. Siderer
    Pages 25-39
  4. Margareta Baltscheffsky
    Pages 41-62
  5. D. A. Cadenhead
    Pages 63-83
  6. D. Chapman, B. A. Cornell
    Pages 85-94
  7. L. L. M. van Deenen, J. de Gier, L. M. G. van Golde, I. L. D. Nauta, W. Renooy, A. J. Verkleij et al.
    Pages 107-118
  8. Anders Ehrenberg, Yuhei Shimoyama, L. E. Göran Eriksson
    Pages 119-134
  9. E. H. Eylar
    Pages 157-176
  10. M. C. E. van Dam-Mieras, A. J. Slotboom, H. M. Verheij, R. Verger, G. H. de Haas
    Pages 177-197
  11. Annette Tardieu, Christian Sardet, Vittorio Luzzati
    Pages 307-319
  12. P. Brûlet, G. M. K. Humphries, H. M. McConnell
    Pages 321-329
  13. M. D. Houslay, A. Johannsson, G. A. Smith, T. R. Hesketh, G. B. Warren, J. C. Metcalfe
    Pages 331-344
  14. Gera D. Eytan, Gottfried Schatz, Efraim Racker
    Pages 373-387
  15. Peter R. Cullis, Ben De Kruijff, Alister E. McGrath, Christopher G. Morgan, George K. Radda
    Pages 389-407
  16. Ossi Renkonen, Marja Pesonen, Kari Mattila
    Pages 409-426
  17. Walther Stoeckenius, San-Bao Hwang, Juan Korenbrot
    Pages 479-496
  18. Charles Tanford
    Pages 497-508
  19. Hermann Träuble
    Pages 509-550
  20. Garret Vanderkooi, John T. Bendler
    Pages 551-570
  21. Back Matter
    Pages 571-580

About this book


Since 1965 the Nobel Foundation sponsors, through grants from the Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Fund, Sym­ posia on subjects which are considered to be of central scientific importance and for which new results of a special interest have been reached. The aim of these Symposia is to bring together, by personal invitation, a limited number of leading scientists from various countries to discuss the current research situation within the field and to define the most urgent problems to be solved. One of the most important fields in modern biome­ dical research concerns the structure and function of biological membranes. Research on this subject is very active and important scientific contributions appear at an increasing rate. It was therefore considered highly appropriate to devote Nobel Symposium 34 to the struc­ ture of membranes in order to get an expert summary of what is now known in the field. The Symposium was held at Hotel Billingehus in Skovde (about 150 km from Goteborg), Sweden, from June 7 to 11, 1976. In addition to the grant from the Nobel Foundation financial support was received from the No­ bel Institute of Chemistry of the Royal Academy of Sciences and from the Science Fund of Wilhelm and Martina Lundgren. The Symposium was attended by some 50 scientists. The papers in this Volume had been distributed in ad­ vance to all partiCipants. Therefore only summary pre­ sentations needed be given at the Symposium and the main emphasis was put on discussions.


Chloroplast Lipid Oligosaccharid biological membranes chemistry fields membrane metabolism mitochondria paper protein proteins receptor structure synthesis

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  • Irmin Pascher
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  1. 1.University of GöteborgGöteborgSweden

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