Frontiers in Industrial Mycology

  • Gary F. Leatham

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xv
  2. Paul L. Skatrud, JoAnn Hoskins, John S. Wood, Matthew B. Tobin, James R. Miller, Stephen Kovacevic et al.
    Pages 40-53
  3. LaVerne D. Boeck
    Pages 54-65
  4. Sarah F. Covert, Daniel J. Cullen
    Pages 66-77
  5. Donald H. Marx, Stephen B. Maul, Charles E. Cordell
    Pages 78-98
  6. T. Kent Kirk, Richard R. Burgess, John W. Koning Jr.
    Pages 99-111
  7. Ian D. Reid, Michael G. Paice
    Pages 112-126
  8. Richard T. Lamar, John A. Glaser, T. Kent Kirk
    Pages 127-143
  9. Donald W. Roberts, Ann E. Hajek
    Pages 144-159
  10. Clifford A. Bradley, William E. Black, Robert Kearns, Pauline Wood
    Pages 160-173
  11. Eduardo E. Trujillo
    Pages 196-211
  12. Back Matter
    Pages 213-222

About this book


Frontiers of Industrial Mycology describes the present efforts underway to create a broad range of large-scale applications using filamentous fungi. Important and environmentally sound applications currently being developed include the use of fungi for novel *B-lactams in antibiotic production, biobleaching and the bioconversion of wood pulp, agricultural biotechnology for creating biological insecticides and herbicides, food fermentations, and the commercial raising of shiitake mushrooms, a growing and largely untapped market in North America. The topics discussed in this volume are on the cutting edge of industrial mycology. This book will thus benefit a wide range of professionals and academics in biotechnology, mycology, microbiology, plant science, entomology, and biochemistry.


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