Creating Motion Graphics in Adobe® Premiere Pro


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This video segment shows how to nest sequences to simplify the timeline, and apply effects to a group of clips.


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  • nesting
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  • nested sequences
  • grouping
  • precomposing

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Navin Kulshreshtha
First online
31 January 2019
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Video Transcript

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Kulshreshtha: So we’re almost done with our animation now and at this point I just want to do one more thing. By the end of the animation the entire logo has come together piece by piece and now at the end of the animation I would simply like to move it off the screen. The entire logo should move together off the screen and a slow way of doing this would be to animate each of the clips on each of the tracks individually but that’s highly inefficient so a more advanced technique in Premier Pro is called nesting and what we can do is I am going to select all of the clips for the logo that pretty much means everything except the background. I selected them all and then I am going to right click and choose nest.

When you nest something it’s a good idea to give it a meaningful name so I’m going to call this logo nested so I know exactly what it is and you’ll notice that everything has been collapsed into a clip. Now this appears like a clip but it’s actually a nested sequence and if you look in the project panel you’ll notice that a new sequence has been created called logo nested. Logo nested is inside of a sequence called compass logo final so it’s actually one sequence inside of another sequence and we still have access to all of the contents of the nested sequence.

All I have to do is double click it here in the timeline so if I double click it, it opens up a new sequence called logo nested and you’ll notice I’ll just adjust a little bit you’ll notice that all of the contents are still available to us so if I ever wanted to make any fine tuning to the animation I still have access to all of the contents and then I’m simply going to shift over here to the other sequence. Logo nested is inside of compass logo final. Now the advantage of this when I play at this point the animation looks exactly the same but what I’m going to do is at the very end of the animation I am going to apply a transition that will move the entire logo off the screen and I’m going to change my work space.

I’m going to go up to window work spaces and then I’m going to go the effects work space and here in the effects work space I have easy access to my effects panel and in the search box I’m going to type in the word push and that’s going to reveal a video transition called push and I’m simply going to drag that to the end of the nested sequence and the push transition works in such a way so that the entire thing moves off the screen which is exactly what I want and if I wanted to adjust the direction of the push I will select it just by clicking on the push transition then moving up to the effect controls panel and here are four arrows and if I want to push it to the left I will click on the arrow that points to the left and now you can see it moves in a different direction.

Or I could click on the arrow that points down and now that moves in a different direction so I think I’ll just stick with the default which is from left to right and now it

goes off the screen but anything that you do to a single clip you can now do to the nested sequence. You can key frame it, you can add a transition to it, you can mask it, you can do whatever you want, whatever you would normally do to a clip. So this can be a great timesaving device when creating motion graphics.

And so now we are finally done with our motion graphic. Let’s look at right from the very beginning and I think at the end there is too much of a pause so I think maybe I’ll bring it to five seconds and then I can very easily adjust the duration of these remaining clips so that way when the logo comes together it very quickly moves off the screen. So we learned a lot about motion graphics here. Most of our work was done in the effect controls panel but we also spent plenty of time inside of the timeline to do our work. We used the effects panel to come up with our final motion graphic.