Creating Motion Graphics in Adobe® Premiere Pro

Keyframing Scale

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This video segment shows how to add keyframes to animate the Scale to create a zoom effect.


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  • zooming

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Navin Kulshreshtha
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31 January 2019
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Video Transcript

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Kulshreshtha: So we’ve made good progress on our animation so far and now we’re going to animate the circle and so I’m going to move to exactly three seconds so I’m going to go to the play head position. I’m going to type in three and then dot and I’ll bring in the circle which is on track four and you can see it on the screen here. What we’re going to do with the circle is that it’s simply going to scale up so it’s going to appear to get large. So I’m going to select the circle clip in the timeline that will reveal it’s properties in the effect controls and I would like to scale this. Now before I start animating anything I’m just going to test this out by moving the scale up and down and you can see that as I’m scaling the circle it actually appears to be moving on the screen and that’s not what I want at all.

I simply want it to stay in place and to scale up. I’m going to reset the scale property here back to its original value and the reason this is happening is because of the anchor point so I’m going to click on the anchor point property. I’m just going to click on the actual word anchor point. That will reveal the anchor point to me and I can see that the anchor point is in the center of the screen but I actually need it to be in the center of the circle so I’m going to manually move it by dragging it here in the program monitor and I’m going to move it into the center of the circle like that and now just to test it I’m going to scale it down and up and you can see how it is now scaling the way I want it to. So I’m going to reset it. Now I’m ready to start key framing it.

Now that I’ve confirmed that it’s going to work I’m going to create my two key frames so I’m going to click the toggle animation button that’s going to create the first key frame for me and I actually want the scale on the first key frame to be zero so I’m going to type in zero. This will scale it down to nothing and the circle is going to be invisible. I’m going to move ahead ten frames by clicking on the play head position and typing plus ten and then I’m simply going to I could either reset it or I could manually type in one hundred this will automatically create a second key frame for me with a value of one hundred. Now as I move between the two key frames it’s going to go from zero to a hundred and if I play it in real time you can see how the animation works so I’m simply key framing the scale. The tricky part here was to make sure that the anchor point was in the correct position but now it is working fine.