Creating Motion Graphics in Adobe® Premiere Pro

Adding Text

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This video segment shows how to use the Type tool to add text.


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Navin Kulshreshtha
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31 January 2019
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Kulshreshtha: So I have a sequence setup already. It’s called four seasons and it has a still image inside of it that was created in Photoshop and it’s just a static image and we are going to place some text over top of it and here in Premiere Pro inside of the tools panel at the very bottom there is a type tool and all I’m going to do is click on the type tool to select it then over in the program monitor I’m going to single click and I’m going to start typing in my text. I’m going to type in four seasons and then let’s say I want to modify the properties of the text. First of all I am going to highlight the text to select it then I’m going to go to the effect controls panel. If you’re not able to find it simply go to window effect controls and it will become visible on your screen.

I might have to scroll down a little bit to a section of the effect controls panel that’s labeled as text and then down here is where I can find a lot of the most common properties for the text such as the font so every font that is installed on your computer will be in this drop down menu. I’ve chosen lato and I’m going to switch it over to bold. If I want to change the size of the text there’s a slider right here labeled font size and so I can adjust the font size. Now I would also like to move the text around a little bit on the screen. In order to do that I have to switch tools. Back to the selection tool and then I can grab the text and I can just drag it around the screen.

I’m going to move it to the approximate center of the screen here and now I’m going to add some more text so I’m going to switch back to the type tool and then I’m going to single click on the screen and I’m going to type in some more text. This is going to be called in nature. I’m going to highlight the text by dragging over it with my mouse. I also like to use command A or control A for select all and then I’m going to go over to the effect controls panel and then here’s where I have to be a little bit careful because Premiere Pro has actually created one text object for four seasons and then if I scroll down there is another text object for in nature.

They’re clearly labeled but you just have to know that there’s two separate sections in the effect controls panel and I’m going to switch this to regular and I’m going to reduce the size of it and then if I want to move it around I’m going to switch to the selection tool and then I can drag it around on the screen. I’ll put it right about there and then I would also like to create a rectangle and there is a tool for that. It’s actually hidden behind the pen tool so if I click and hold down the pen tool then the rectangle tool will be revealed and once I select the rectangle tool it’s pretty easy I just drag a rectangle on the screen and then it’s properties will also show up I might have to scroll a little bit here in the effect controls panel and I might collapse some of the text boxes and now I can see a shape element and I can change the fill color and there are some other things.

Fill color, position, etc that I can change for the rectangle. Now one issue that I have here is that the rectangle is over top of the text. I don’t want this. I want the rectangle to go behind the text so we’ll be fixing that shortly. Another thing to make note of is that Premier Pro has created a new clip on track two. Now this clip here contains all of our graphical elements, our text and our rectangle. It’s all embedded into a single clip. Now in order to get more control over all three of these elements that are inside of this clip we are going to use the essential graphics panel.