Creating Motion Graphics in Adobe® Premiere Pro

Keyframing Multiple Properties

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This video segment shows how to keyframe multiple properties simultaneously to create more sophisticated animations.


  • premiere pro
  • adobe
  • motion graphics
  • animation
  • keyframes
  • timeline

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Navin Kulshreshtha
First online
31 January 2019
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Video Transcript

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Kulshreshtha: So animation is coming together and now we’re going to bring our attention to the last element which is the star so I’m going to move to four seconds and then I’m going to bring the star into place. I’m going to make sure that the star is selected here in the timeline and here in the effect controls panel we’re planning to animate two properties at the same time. It’s going to be the scale and the rotation. Now since we’re going to be doing the rotation I want to double check the anchor point of the star so I’m going to click on the word anchor point here. That will reveal the anchor point.

I can see it’s in the middle of the screen right now and I want to move this so that it’s in the middle of the star because I want the star to rotate from its center. So that’s going to help us out and then I’m also going to make sure that my play head is at the very beginning of the star click here in the timeline and then I’m going to create two starting key frames. One for scale, the other for rotation and the scale is actually going to start off at zero so I’m going to bring this back to zero and then I’m going to hit enter and now the star disappears. Then I’m going to go later in time. I’m going to go forward ten frames and then I’m going to go to reset the scale back to normal by clicking on the reset parameter button.

That will bring the star back to its normal size so I can see it basically growing or expanding and then if I go back to four seconds and ten frames I am going to rotate the star at the same time so I could try 90 degrees. You might recall that a full rotation is three hundred and sixty degrees so if I do 90 degrees this will give me a 90 degree rotation like that. If I went to the second key frame I could also do a 180 degrees or a full rotation would be 360 degrees but if I watch this it’s probably it’s a little bit too fast, it’s a little bit too much so I am going to go to this other second key frame using the white arrow keys and then I’m going to bring it back to 90 degrees like that and now the star scales and rotate at the same time so that looks good and now we’re ready for the next step.