Deploy, Secure and Manage Azure Functions

Consumption Plan

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This video segment demonstrates how you can host Azure functions in a consumption plan, and pros and cons.


  • Consumption plan
  • Azure functions
  • Azure
  • Billing

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Sahil Malik
First online
21 December 2018
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Video Transcript

Sahil Malik: Let’s start by diving into the details of the Consumption Plan. Let’s see how you can create a function app using the Consumption Plan. So click on Create a resource and search for function app. Choose to create it. Here, I’m shown a list of things I can create, so I’ll choose function app. Click on the Create button. Let’s go ahead and give it a name.

And here as you see that under Hosting Plan, I can choose Consumption Plan or App Service Plan. The important thing to realize is that in Consumption Plan, if I never call this particular function or the functions inside here, I don’t get billed anything. On the other hand, I get billed based on what I consume. Okay, so this is an important distinction between a Consumption Plan and an App Service Plan. Certainly you have the possibility of setting core tools, et cetera, but if there is something that you call extremely rarely, then you probably want to stick with Consumption Plan.