Deploy, Secure and Manage Azure Functions


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This video segment provides an overall view of the pre-requisites needed to take this course.


  • VSCode
  • Azure
  • Azure Functions

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Sahil Malik
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21 December 2018
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Video Transcript

Sahil Malik: So you get the most value of what you’re about to see here, let’s start with some prerequisites. Under prerequisites, I’ll talk about what you should already know before watching these videos and what your development machine should look like, and finally, some very high-level basics and links on setting up your development environment. Again, this is not a course about basics of Azure Functions, so I assume that I point you to the links of our setting up here, dev environment for developing Azure Functions, and you’ll be able to follow through those links. There are other materials that I’ve authored where I’ve talked about the basics of Azure Functions where I go through those in depth.