Deploy, Secure and Manage Azure Functions

What you Should Know

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This video segment goes through the knowledge & background necessary before you take this course.


  • Azure Functions
  • Azure

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Sahil Malik
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21 December 2018
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Video Transcript

Sahil Malik: Starting with what you should know. The knowledge that you must already have, so you get the most value of the next 30 minutes. You must be a developer. Yes, the content here is focused at you, the developer. You must have a general familiarity with Azure Functions. I’m not going to walk through the basics of Azure Functions. I’ll just start with some code and we’ll go through the things that we’re concerned about here, namely deploying, managing and securing Azure Functions, and you must be familiar with the language that Azure Function supports. Now, my code examples are going to be in JavaScript. However, I’ll let you know right now that the language doesn’t matter. In fact, I will not be editing any JavaScript here. As long as you’re working with a language that Azure Functions support, you should be fine.