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Custom Domains

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This video segment demonstrates how to setup custom domains for Azure functions.


  • Custom Domains
  • Azure Functions

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Sahil Malik
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21 December 2018
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Video Transcript

Sahil Malik: Now let’s talk about Custom Domains. How can you set up a custom domain in Azure Functions? The thing is, when you set up an Azure Function, it ends up in something like Chances are you probably want to control that with your own domain name. How do we do that? So here, I have an Azure Function set up in the App Service Plan, but again, what I’m showing here will work in the Consumption Plan as well. So go ahead and click on that. And again, under Platform features, you will see a link under the Networking section called Custom domains. Go ahead and click on it.

Here, you can configure and manage custom host names assigned your application. I can also choose to say HTTPS only that I can choose to either host names over here. The important thing is that once I add a host name, naturally, this is a domain that I need to own. I have a choice of buying a domain straight from here as well. So you search for a domain and then you enter your credit card number, et cetera. And you can buy them in right through the Azure portal. Once you own a domain, then that particular domain is associated with a name server. So what you need to do is that you would need to enter a hostname. So I’ll just say and here, I can choose to validate this, and I will require to create a TXT record in my name server.

Now if you own the domain, then creating this TXT record in the name server is something you will be able to do. And this is how you prove to Azure that you own this domain. But again, it says that it may take up to 48 hours for this change to get propagated across the Internet. And it tells me exactly what TXT record I need to create here. So the next thing you’d have to, I’m not actually going to go through this step here, but because you know, this is my production domain and I don’t own another domain to test this with. But what you’d need to do is go to your name server and add this particular TXT record in your name server, and then you’ll be able to validate your domain.