Deploy, Secure and Manage Azure Functions


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This video segment demonstrates how to setup SSL for Azure functions.


  • SSL
  • Azure Functions

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Sahil Malik
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21 December 2018
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Video Transcript

Sahil Malik: How can we support SSL inside of an Azure Function? Let’s find out. Back in my Azure portal, I have created an Azure Function app using the App Service Plan billing mechanism, but what I’m about to show here will also work in the Consumption Plan as well. So here go ahead and find your App Service function app and go ahead and click on it.

Okay. Once this is loaded, go to Platform features and under this section called Networking here, you will see a section called SSL. Go ahead and click on it. So here, as you can see, you can define various things. You can choose to set up your own certificates. You can choose to set up whether you support HTTPS only or not. The default value is off. You can choose to request a minimum TLS version. 1.2 is considered the newest and most secure. You can also choose to have the caller require a certificate as you can see here. You can also choose to add various SSL bindings. Basically, this allow you to specify which certificate to use when requesting a specific host name over HTTPS occurs. You would find that useful when you start setting up custom domains. So this is how you can set up various SSL settings for an Azure Function.