1723 publications

  1. Q of the Earth: Global, Regional, and Laboratory Studies
  2. QC-LDPC Code-Based Cryptography
  3. QCA with R
  4. QCD Hard Hadronic Processes
  5. QCD Higher-Order Effects and Search for New Physics
  6. QCD Perspectives on Hot and Dense Matter
  7. QCD Radiation in Top-Antitop and Z+Jets Final States
  8. QCD and Numerical Analysis III
  9. QCD at 200 TeV
  10. QCD at HERA
  11. QCD: Renormalization for the Practitioner
  12. QCM-D Studies on Polymer Behavior at Interfaces
  13. QM-Optimizing der Softwareentwicklung
  14. QM/MM Studies of Light-responsive Biological Systems
  15. QMF für Einsteiger
  16. QRD-RLS Adaptive Filtering
  17. QSAR and Molecular Modeling Studies in Heterocyclic Drugs I
  18. QSAR and Molecular Modeling Studies in Heterocyclic Drugs II
  19. QSAR in Environmental Toxicology
  20. QSAR in Environmental Toxicology - II
  21. QSO Absorption Lines
  22. QSO Hosts and Their Environments
  23. QVT - Operational Mappings
  24. QVT - Relations Language
  25. Qanat Knowledge
  26. Qi-Management – Die Kata der Manager
  27. Qigong der Wudang-Mönche
  28. QoE Management in Wireless Networks
  29. QoS Management of Web Services
  30. QoS Prediction in Cloud and Service Computing
  31. QoS Routing Algorithms for Wireless Sensor Networks
  32. QoS and Energy Management in Cognitive Radio Network
  33. QoS in Packet Networks
  34. QoS-based Wavelength Routing in Multi-Service WDM Networks
  35. Quad Rotorcraft Control
  36. Quadpack
  37. Quadratic Algebras, Clifford Algebras, and Arithmetic Witt Groups
  38. Quadratic Differentials
  39. Quadratic Diophantine Equations
  40. Quadratic Forms
  41. Quadratic Forms Over Semilocal Rings
  42. Quadratic Forms in Infinite Dimensional Vector Spaces
  43. Quadratic Forms in Infinite Dimensional Vector Spaces
  44. Quadratic Forms, Linear Algebraic Groups, and Cohomology
  45. Quadratic Mappings and Clifford Algebras
  46. Quadratic Programming and Affine Variational Inequalities
  47. Quadratic Residues and Non-Residues
  48. Quadratic and Hermitian Forms
  49. Quadratic and Hermitian Forms over Rings
  50. Quadratic and Higher Degree Forms
  51. Quadratische Formen
  52. Quadratische Formen und Orthogonale Gruppen
  53. Quadratische Formen und orthogonale Gruppen
  54. Quadratische Formen über Körpern
  55. Quadratische Zahlkörper
  56. Quadratura delle superficie e questioni connesse
  57. Quadrature Domains
  58. Quadrature Domains and Their Applications
  59. Quadrature Formulae
  60. Quadrature Frequency Generation for Wideband Wireless Applications
  61. Quadrature RC−Oscillators
  62. Quadrilingual Economics Dictionary
  63. Quadrilingual Education in Singapore
  64. Quadrophenia and Mod(ern) Culture
  65. Quadrupedal Locomotion
  66. Quadruplex Nucleic Acids
  67. Quakers and Mysticism
  68. Quakers, Business and Corporate Responsibility
  69. Quale energia per il futuro?
  70. Qualification for Computer-Integrated Manufacturing
  71. Qualifikationsforschung und arbeitsorientierte Bildung
  72. Qualifikationskonflikte im Internationalen Steuerrecht
  73. Qualifikationspolitik
  74. Qualifikationsprofil Bewegung für Lehrkräfte
  75. Qualifikationsprofil „Bewegung in der frühen Kindheit“
  76. Qualifizieren für eine global vernetzte Ökonomie
  77. Qualifizieren statt entlassen
  78. Qualifizierte Facharbeit im Spannungsfeld von Flexibilität und Stabilität
  79. Qualifizierte Finanzberatung in Banken und Sparkassen
  80. Qualifizierte Neukundengewinnung im Firmenkundengeschäft
  81. Qualifizierte Neukundengewinnung im Firmenkundengeschäft
  82. Qualifizierte Neukundengewinnung im Firmenkundengeschäft
  83. Qualifizierte Wertpapieranalyse auf Apple II & II e
  84. Qualifizierte Wertpapieranalyse auf dem IBM PC
  85. Qualifizierung an Industrierobotern
  86. Qualifizierung an Industrierobotern
  87. Qualifizierungsnetzwerke — Netze oder lose Fäden?
  88. Qualifizierungspraxis deutscher Produktionsunternehmen in China, Indien und Mexiko
  89. Qualifizierungsstrategien für betriebswirtschaftliche Unternehmenssoftware
  90. Qualitativ-empirische Sozialforschung
  91. Qualitative Analyse auf präparativer Grundlage
  92. Qualitative Analyse auf präparativer Grundlage
  93. Qualitative Analysis and Control of Complex Neural Networks with Delays
  94. Qualitative Analysis of Set-Valued Differential Equations
  95. Qualitative Anorganische Analyse
  96. Qualitative Aspects of Large Scale Systems
  97. Qualitative Bildungs- und Arbeitsmarktforschung
  98. Qualitative Bildungsforschung
  99. Qualitative Bildungsforschung
  100. Qualitative Chemische Analyse
  101. Qualitative Comparative Analysis with R
  102. Qualitative Consumer and Marketing Research
  103. Qualitative Datenanalyse: computergestützt
  104. Qualitative Datenanalyse: computergestützt
  105. Qualitative Diagnostikforschung
  106. Qualitative Economics
  107. Qualitative Evaluation
  108. Qualitative Evaluation
  109. Qualitative Experteninterviews
  110. Qualitative Forschung
  111. Qualitative Forschung
  112. Qualitative Forschung in der Kommunikationswissenschaft
  113. Qualitative Forschung in der Kommunikationswissenschaft
  114. Qualitative Forschung in der Sozialpädagogik
  115. Qualitative Forschung mit Kindern
  116. Qualitative Freedom - Autonomy in Cosmopolitan Responsibility
  117. Qualitative Indicators of Labour Standards
  118. Qualitative Inhaltsanalyse und Mind-Mapping
  119. Qualitative Inquiry in TESOL
  120. Qualitative Investment Decision-Making Methods under Hesitant Fuzzy Environments
  121. Qualitative Marktforschung
  122. Qualitative Marktforschung
  123. Qualitative Marktforschung
  124. Qualitative Marktforschung
  125. Qualitative Marktforschung in Theorie und Praxis
  126. Qualitative Marktforschung in Theorie und Praxis
  127. Qualitative Methoden in der Politikwissenschaft
  128. Qualitative Methoden in der Sozialforschung
  129. Qualitative Methodologies in Organization Studies
  130. Qualitative Methodologies in Organization Studies
  131. Qualitative Methods in International Relations
  132. Qualitative Methods in Inverse Scattering Theory
  133. Qualitative Motion Understanding
  134. Qualitative Netzwerkanalyse
  135. Qualitative Online-Erhebungen
  136. Qualitative Organic Analysis
  137. Qualitative Organic Chemical Analysis
  138. Qualitative Organic Microanalysis
  139. Qualitative Perspektiven des Medienwandels
  140. Qualitative Politikanalyse
  141. Qualitative Process Theory Using Linguistic Variables
  142. Qualitative Psychologie
  143. Qualitative Reasoning
  144. Qualitative Representation of Spatial Knowledge
  145. Qualitative Research Using R: A Systematic Approach
  146. Qualitative Research and Social Change
  147. Qualitative Research for Physical Culture
  148. Qualitative Research in Applied Linguistics
  149. Qualitative Research in European Migration Studies
  150. Qualitative Research in the Post-Modern Era
  151. Qualitative Sekundäranalyse
  152. Qualitative Sekundäranalysen
  153. Qualitative Simulation Modeling and Analysis
  154. Qualitative Sozialforschung
  155. Qualitative Sozialforschung
  156. Qualitative Sozialforschung
  157. Qualitative Sozialforschung und ihr Kontext
  158. Qualitative Spatial Abstraction in Reinforcement Learning
  159. Qualitative Spatial Reasoning with Topological Information
  160. Qualitative Studies in Quality of Life
  161. Qualitative Textanalyse mit Topic-Modellen
  162. Qualitative Theory in Structural Mechanics
  163. Qualitative Theory of Dynamical Systems, Tools and Applications for Economic Modelling
  164. Qualitative Theory of Hybrid Dynamical Systems
  165. Qualitative Theory of Planar Differential Systems
  166. Qualitative Theory of Volterra Difference Equations
  167. Qualitative Untersuchungen bei Verbindungsschweißungen mittels Lichtbogenschweißautomaten unter Verwendung von Blankdraht und Zugabe von ferromagnetischem Pulver als Umhüllung
  168. Qualitative Untersuchungen von Punktschweißverbindungen an Tiefzieh- und Aluminiumblechen, die nach dem Argonarc-Punktschweißverfahren hergestellt werden
  169. Qualitative Valence-Bond Descriptions of Electron-Rich Molecules: Pauling “3-Electron Bonds” and “Increased-Valence” Theory
  170. Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Nonlinear Systems
  171. Qualitative and Quantitative Behaviour of Planetary Systems
  172. Qualitative and Quantitative Mathematical Economics
  173. Qualitative and Quantitative Models in Socio-Economic Systems and Social Work
  174. Qualitative and Quantitative Practical Reasoning
  175. Qualitative botanische Analyse der Drogenpulver
  176. Qualitative hermeneutische Symbolanalyse
  177. Qualitative sichtbasierte Navigation in unstrukturierten Umgebungen
  178. Qualitative und interpretative Sozialforschung
  179. Qualitatives Forschen in der Erziehungswissenschaft
  180. Qualitatives Wachstum
  181. Qualities of Education in a Globalised World
  182. Quality
  183. Quality
  184. Quality
  185. Quality Added Value
  186. Quality Assessment of Textiles
  187. Quality Assessment of Textiles
  188. Quality Assurance
  189. Quality Assurance
  190. Quality Assurance In Higher Education
  191. Quality Assurance Management
  192. Quality Assurance Program on Stereotactic Radiosurgery
  193. Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Foreign Language Education
  194. Quality Assurance and Institutional Transformation
  195. Quality Assurance and Tolerance
  196. Quality Assurance for Chemistry and Environmental Science
  197. Quality Assurance in Analytical Chemistry
  198. Quality Assurance in Analytical Chemistry
  199. Quality Assurance in Asia-Pacific Universities
  200. Quality Assurance in Blood Banking and Its Clinical Impact