Book Volume 43 2016
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Advances in Proof-Theoretic Semantics


ISBN: 978-3-319-22685-9 (Print) 978-3-319-22686-6 (Online)

Table of contents (16 chapters)

  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-vi

  2. Chapter

    Pages 1-4

    Advances in Proof-Theoretic Semantics: Introduction

  3. Chapter

    Pages 5-25

    On the Relation Between Heyting’s and Gentzen’s Approaches to Meaning

  4. Chapter

    Pages 27-63

    Kreisel’s Theory of Constructions, the Kreisel-Goodman Paradox, and the Second Clause

  5. Chapter

    Pages 65-77

    On the Paths of Categories

  6. Chapter

    Pages 79-93

    Some Remarks on Proof-Theoretic Semantics

  7. Chapter

    Pages 95-114

    Categorical Harmony and Paradoxes in Proof-Theoretic Semantics

  8. Chapter

    Pages 115-137

    The Paradox of Knowability from an Intuitionistic Standpoint

  9. Chapter

    Pages 139-152

    Explicit Composition and Its Application in Proofs of Normalization

  10. Chapter

    Pages 153-160

    Towards a Proof-Theoretic Semantics of Equalities

  11. Chapter

    Pages 161-171

    On the Proof-Theoretic Foundations of Set Theory

  12. Chapter

    Pages 173-188

    A Strongly Differing Opinion on Proof-Theoretic Semantics?

  13. Chapter

    Pages 189-193

    Comments on an Opinion

  14. Chapter

    Pages 195-210

    On Dummett’s “Proof-Theoretic Justifications of Logical Laws”

  15. Chapter

    Pages 211-229

    Self-contradictory Reasoning

  16. Chapter

    Pages 231-251

    Completeness in Proof-Theoretic Semantics

  17. Chapter

    Pages 253-283

    Open Problems in Proof-Theoretic Semantics