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Future Space-Transport-System Components under High Thermal and Mechanical Loads

Results from the DFG Collaborative Research Center TRR40

  • Describes the latest advances in the structural design of combustion chamber

  • Reports on innovative simulation methods

  • Offers a good balance of fundamental research and industrial developments

  • Is an open access book

Part of the book series: Notes on Numerical Fluid Mechanics and Multidisciplinary Design (NNFM, volume 146)

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Table of contents (26 chapters)

  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-ix
  2. Collaborative Research for Future Space Transportation Systems

    • Oskar J. Haidn, Nikolaus A. Adams, Rolf Radespiel, Thomas Sattelmayer, Wolfgang Schröder, Christian Stemmer et al.
    Pages 1-30Open Access
  3. Structural Cooling

    1. Front Matter

      Pages 31-31
    2. A Coupled Two-Domain Approach for Transpiration Cooling

      • Valentina König, Michael Rom, Siegfried Müller
      Pages 33-49Open Access
    3. Innovative Cooling for Rocket Combustion Chambers

      • Jonas Peichl, Andreas Schwab, Markus Selzer, Hannah Böhrk, Jens von Wolfersdorf
      Pages 51-64Open Access
    4. Film Cooling in Rocket Nozzles

      • Sandra Ludescher, Herbert Olivier
      Pages 65-78Open Access
    5. Numerical Simulation of Film Cooling in Supersonic Flow

      • Johannes M. F. Peter, Markus J. Kloker
      Pages 79-95Open Access
  4. Aft-Body Flows

    1. Front Matter

      Pages 113-113
    2. Effects of a Launcher’s External Flow on a Dual-Bell Nozzle Flow

      • Istvan Bolgar, Sven Scharnowski, Christian J. Kähler
      Pages 115-127Open Access
    3. Interaction of Wake and Propulsive Jet Flow of a Generic Space Launcher

      • Alexander Barklage, Rolf Radespiel
      Pages 129-143Open Access
    4. Rocket Wake Flow Interaction Testing in the Hot Plume Testing Facility (HPTF) Cologne

      • Daniel Kirchheck, Dominik Saile, Ali Gülhan
      Pages 145-162Open Access
    5. Numerical Analysis of the Turbulent Wake for a Generic Space Launcher with a Dual-Bell Nozzle

      • Simon Loosen, Matthias Meinke, Wolfgang Schröder
      Pages 163-177Open Access
    6. Numerical Investigation of Space Launch Vehicle Base Flows with Hot Plumes

      • Jan-Erik Schumann, Markus Fertig, Volker Hannemann, Thino Eggers, Klaus Hannemann
      Pages 179-191Open Access
  5. Combustion Chamber

    1. Front Matter

      Pages 193-193
    2. On the Consideration of Diffusive Fluxes Within High-Pressure Injections

      • Fabian Föll, Valerie Gerber, Claus-Dieter Munz, Berhand Weigand, Grazia Lamanna
      Pages 195-208Open Access
    3. Numerical Investigation of Injection, Mixing and Combustion in Rocket Engines Under High-Pressure Conditions

      • Christoph Traxinger, Julian Zips, Christian Stemmer, Michael Pfitzner
      Pages 209-221Open Access
    4. Large-Eddy Simulations for the Wall Heat Flux Prediction of a Film-Cooled Single-Element Combustion Chamber

      • R. Olmeda, P. Breda, C. Stemmer, M. Pfitzner
      Pages 223-234Open Access
    5. Calculation of the Thermoacoustic Stability of a Main Stage Thrust Chamber Demonstrator

      • Alexander Chemnitz, Thomas Sattelmayer
      Pages 235-247Open Access
    6. Experimental Investigation of Injection-Coupled High-Frequency Combustion Instabilities

      • Wolfgang Armbruster, Justin S. Hardi, Michael Oschwald
      Pages 249-262Open Access

About this book

This open access book presents the findings of Collaborative Research Center Transregio 40 (TRR40), initiated in July 2008 and funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG). Gathering innovative design concepts for thrust chambers and nozzles, as well as cutting-edge methods of aft-body flow control and propulsion-component cooling, it brings together fundamental research undertaken at universities, testing carried out at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and industrial developments from the ArianeGroup.  With a particular focus on heat transfer analyses and novel cooling concepts for thermally highly loaded structures, the book highlights the aft-body flow of the space transportation system and its interaction with the nozzle flow, which are especially critical during the early phase of atmospheric ascent. Moreover, it describes virtual demonstrators for combustion chambers and nozzles, and discusses their industrial applicability. As such, it is a timely resource for researchers, graduate students and practitioners.




  • Rocket Propulsion
  • Multi-scale Modelling in Aerospace
  • Real-gas Thermodynamics
  • Multi-phase Flow Simulation
  • Compressible Shear-layer
  • Turbulent Heat Flux Model
  • LOX/CH4 Combustor
  • Multi-element Combustor Chamber
  • Wall Heat Transfer Prediction
  • SFB/TRR40
  • Open Access

Editors and Affiliations

  • LS für Aerodynamik & Strömungsmechanik, Technical University Munich, Garching b. München, Germany

    Nikolaus A. Adams

  • LS für Strömungslehre und Aerodynamisches Institut, RWTH Aachen University, Aachen, Germany

    Wolfgang Schröder

  • Institut für Strömungsmechanik, Technische Universität Braunschweig, Braunschweig, Germany

    Rolf Radespiel

  • Technische Universität München, Munich, Germany

    Oskar J. Haidn, Thomas Sattelmayer

  • LS für Aerodynamik &Strömungsmechanik, Technische Universität München, Munich, Germany

    Christian Stemmer

  • Institut für Thermodynamik der Luft- und Raumfahrt, University of Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany

    Bernhard Weigand

Bibliographic Information

  • Book Title: Future Space-Transport-System Components under High Thermal and Mechanical Loads

  • Book Subtitle: Results from the DFG Collaborative Research Center TRR40

  • Editors: Nikolaus A. Adams, Wolfgang Schröder, Rolf Radespiel, Oskar J. Haidn, Thomas Sattelmayer, Christian Stemmer, Bernhard Weigand

  • Series Title: Notes on Numerical Fluid Mechanics and Multidisciplinary Design

  • DOI:

  • Publisher: Springer Cham

  • eBook Packages: Engineering, Engineering (R0)

  • Copyright Information: The Editor(s) (if applicable) and The Author(s) 2021

  • License: CC BY

  • Hardcover ISBN: 978-3-030-53846-0Published: 27 October 2020

  • Softcover ISBN: 978-3-030-53849-1Published: 27 October 2021

  • eBook ISBN: 978-3-030-53847-7Published: 26 October 2020

  • Series ISSN: 1612-2909

  • Series E-ISSN: 1860-0824

  • Edition Number: 1

  • Number of Pages: IX, 419

  • Number of Illustrations: 60 b/w illustrations, 213 illustrations in colour

  • Topics: Engineering Fluid Dynamics, Aerospace Technology and Astronautics, Structural Materials

Buying options

Softcover Book USD 119.99
Price excludes VAT (USA)
Hardcover Book USD 59.99
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