Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. Invited Papers

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Florian J. Hindenlang, Gregor J. Gassner
      Pages 21-44 Open Access
    3. Simona Perotto, Michele Giuliano Carlino, Francesco Ballarin
      Pages 61-77 Open Access
    4. Sheehan Olver, Alex Townsend, Geoffrey M. Vasil
      Pages 79-92 Open Access
  3. Contributed Papers

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 93-93
    2. Bernard Haasdonk, Boumediene Hamzi, Gabriele Santin, Dominik Wittwar
      Pages 95-106 Open Access
    3. Rujie Gu, Thomas Hagstrom
      Pages 119-130 Open Access
    4. Tracy Babb, Per-Gunnar Martinsson, Daniel Appelö
      Pages 131-141 Open Access
    5. Lorella Fatone, Daniele Funaro, Gianmarco Manzini
      Pages 143-153 Open Access
    6. Tracy Babb, Per-Gunnar Martinsson, Daniel Appelö
      Pages 155-166 Open Access
    7. Yuanming Xiao, Fangman Zhai, Linbo Zhang, Weiying Zheng
      Pages 167-177 Open Access
    8. Gabriel R. Barrenechea, Michał Bosy, Victorita Dolean
      Pages 179-189 Open Access
    9. Jan S. Hesthaven, Fabian Mönkeberg, Sara Zaninelli
      Pages 191-201 Open Access
    10. Yi Zhang, Varun Jain, Artur Palha, Marc Gerritsma
      Pages 203-213 Open Access
    11. Varun Jain, Joël Fisser, Artur Palha, Marc Gerritsma
      Pages 215-227 Open Access
    12. Mike Stees, Suzanne M. Shontz
      Pages 229-238 Open Access
    13. Mariarosa Mazza, Carla Manni, Hendrik Speleers
      Pages 251-262 Open Access
    14. N. Offermans, A. Peplinski, O. Marin, E. Merzari, P. Schlatter
      Pages 263-272 Open Access
    15. Björn Sjögreen, H. C. Yee
      Pages 273-283 Open Access
    16. L. Nielsen, B. Gervang
      Pages 285-295 Open Access
    17. Filipe F. Buscariolo, Spencer J. Sherwin, Gustavo R. S. Assi, Julio R. Meneghini
      Pages 297-311 Open Access
    18. Juan Manzanero, Carlos Redondo, Gonzalo Rubio, Esteban Ferrer, Eusebio Valero, Susana Gómez-Álvarez et al.
      Pages 313-323 Open Access
    19. M. A. Moratilla-Vega, V. Saini, H. Xia, G. J. Page
      Pages 325-335 Open Access
    20. M. Tugnoli, A. Abbà, L. Bonaventura
      Pages 337-347 Open Access
    21. Duarte M.  S. Albuquerque, Artur G.  R. Vasconcelos, Jose C.  F. Pereira
      Pages 349-358 Open Access
    22. Jay Gopalakrishnan, Matthias Hochsteger, Joachim Schöberl, Christoph Wintersteiger
      Pages 359-369 Open Access
    23. Rodrigo C. Moura, Pablo Fernandez, Gianmarco Mengaldo, Spencer J. Sherwin
      Pages 371-382 Open Access
    24. H. Barucq, H. Calandra, J. Diaz, E. Shishenina
      Pages 395-405 Open Access
    25. Manuel F. Mejía, Douglas Serson, Rodrigo C. Moura, Bruno S. Carmo, Jorge Escobar-Vargas, Andrés González-Mancera
      Pages 419-428 Open Access
    26. Herbert Egger, Thomas Kugler, Vsevolod Shashkov
      Pages 429-440 Open Access
    27. Lasse Hjuler Christiansen, John Bagterp Jørgensen
      Pages 441-452 Open Access
    28. David I. Ketcheson, Benjamin Seibold, David Shirokoff, Dong Zhou
      Pages 453-463 Open Access
    29. Esteban Ferrer, Juan Manzanero, Andres M. Rueda-Ramirez, Gonzalo Rubio, Eusebio Valero
      Pages 477-487 Open Access
    30. Xiaolan Zhou, Mejdi Azaiez, Chuanju Xu
      Pages 489-500 Open Access
    31. Nicola Cacciani, Elisabeth Larsson, Alberto Lauro, Marco Meggiolaro, Alessio Scatto, Igor Tominec et al.
      Pages 501-512 Open Access
    32. Georges Nehmetallah, Stéphane Lanteri, Stéphane Descombes, Alexandra Christophe
      Pages 513-523 Open Access
    33. Andrés M. Rueda-Ramírez, Gonzalo Rubio, Esteban Ferrer, Eusebio Valero
      Pages 549-560 Open Access
    34. Martin W. Hess, Annalisa Quaini, Gianluigi Rozza
      Pages 561-571 Open Access
    35. Robert E. Tuzun, Jae-Hun Jung
      Pages 573-585 Open Access
    36. Ana Alonso Rodríguez, Francesca Rapetti
      Pages 587-597 Open Access

About these proceedings


This open access book features a selection of high-quality papers from the presentations at the International Conference on Spectral and High-Order Methods 2018, offering an overview of the depth and breadth of the activities within this important research area. The carefully reviewed papers provide a snapshot of the state of the art, while the extensive bibliography helps initiate new research directions.


High-order methods Partial differential equations Spectral methods Isogeometric methods Discontinuous Galerkin methods Wave simulation Uncertainty quantification Open access

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