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Particle Physics Reference Library

Volume 3: Accelerators and Colliders

  • Reviews state of the art accelerator science and technology

  • Provides open access to revised and updated reviously published material

  • Edited and authored by leading researchers in the field

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Table of contents (13 chapters)

  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-x
  2. Accelerators, Colliders and Their Application

    • E. Wilson, B. J. Holzer
    Pages 1-14Open Access
  3. Beam Dynamics

    • E. Wilson, B. J. Holzer
    Pages 15-50Open Access
  4. Non-linear Dynamics in Accelerators

    • Werner Herr, Etienne Forest
    Pages 51-104Open Access
  5. Impedance and Collective Effects

    • E. Metral, G. Rumolo, W. Herr
    Pages 105-181Open Access
  6. Interactions of Beams with Surroundings

    • M. Brugger, H. Burkhardt, B. Goddard, F. Cerutti, R. G. Alia
    Pages 183-203Open Access
  7. Design and Principles of Synchrotrons and Circular Colliders

    • B. J. Holzer, B. Goddard, Werner Herr, Bruno Muratori, L. Rivkin, M. E. Biagini et al.
    Pages 205-294Open Access
  8. Design and Principles of Linear Accelerators and Colliders

    • J. Seeman, D. Schulte, J. P. Delahaye, M. Ross, S. Stapnes, A. Grudiev et al.
    Pages 295-336Open Access
  9. Accelerator Engineering and Technology: Accelerator Technology

    • F. Bordry, L. Bottura, A. Milanese, D. Tommasini, E. Jensen, Ph. Lebrun et al.
    Pages 337-517Open Access
  10. Accelerator Operations

    • M. Lamont, J. Wenninger, R. Steinhagen, R. Tomás García, R. Garoby, R. W. Assmann et al.
    Pages 519-583Open Access
  11. The Largest Accelerators and Colliders of Their Time

    • K. Hübner, S. Ivanov, R. Steerenberg, T. Roser, J. Seeman, K. Oide et al.
    Pages 585-660Open Access
  12. Application of Accelerators and Storage Rings

    • M. Dohlus, J. Rossbach, K. H. W. Bethge, J. Meijer, U. Amaldi, G. Magrin et al.
    Pages 661-795Open Access
  13. Outlook for the Future

    • C. Joshi, A. Caldwell, P. Muggli, S. D. Holmes, V. D. Shiltsev
    Pages 797-825Open Access
  14. Cosmic Particle Accelerators

    • W. Hofmann, J. A. Hinton
    Pages 827-863Open Access

About this book

This third open access volume of the handbook series deals with accelerator physics, design, technology and operations, as well as with beam optics, dynamics and diagnostics.

A joint CERN-Springer initiative, the “Particle Physics Reference Library” provides revised and updated contributions based on previously published material in the well-known Landolt-Boernstein series on particle physics, accelerators and detectors (volumes 21A,B1,B2,C), which took stock of the field approximately one decade ago. Central to this new initiative is publication under full open access


  • Physics of particle detectors
  • beam optics
  • accelerator diagnostics
  • High-energy physics handbook
  • beam diagnostics
  • Accelerators and beams
  • Standard model of particle physics
  • Fundamental particles and forces
  • Accelerator design
  • Open Access

Editors and Affiliations

  • ADAM SA, Geneva, Switzerland

    Stephen Myers

  • CERN, Geneva, Switzerland

    Herwig Schopper

About the editors

Herwig Schopper is a former Director General of CERN.

Christian Fabjan is a professor at Austrian Academy of Sciences and University of Technology and had been the technological coordinator of the ALICE experiment at CERN.

Stephen Myers is Executive Chair ADAM SA and a former director of Accelerators and Technology at CERN

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Buying options

Softcover Book USD 59.99
Price excludes VAT (USA)
Hardcover Book USD 59.99
Price excludes VAT (USA)