Table of contents

  1. Hugo Alatrista-Salas, Juandiego Morzán-Samamé, Miguel Nunez-del-Prado
    Pages 725-741
  2. Stewart Muchuchuti, Lakshmi Narasimhan, Freedmore Sidume
    Pages 742-755
  3. Ryohei Ikejiri, Ryo Yoshikawa, Yasunobu Sumikawa
    Pages 756-772
  4. Byron Oviedo, Cristian Zambrano-Vega
    Pages 773-792
  5. Ramin Rzayev, Sevinj Babayeva, Inara Rzayeva, Adila Ali
    Pages 793-812
  6. Danijela Jaksic, Patrizia Poscic, Vladan Jovanovic
    Pages 813-825
  7. Guillermo Molero-Castillo, Javier Jasso-Villazul, Arturo Torres-Vargas, Alejandro Velázquez-Mena
    Pages 826-838
  8. Christian Vogelgesang, Torsten Spieldenner, René Schubotz
    Pages 839-856
  9. Andreas Gregoriades, Maria Pampaka, Michael Georgiades
    Pages 857-873
  10. Sundus Abrar, Ghalib Ahmad Tahir, Habeebah Adamu Kakudi, Chu Kiong Loo
    Pages 913-929
  11. Nguyen Hoang Mai, Pham Anh Tuan
    Pages 939-951
  12. Tao Chi, Guangpu Cao, Bingchun Li, Zi Kerr Abdurahman
    Pages 961-969
  13. Ed Lindoo
    Pages 970-982
  14. Sanja Candrlic, Martina Asenbrener Katic, Alen Jakupovic
    Pages 998-1009
  15. Md Tahsir Ahmed Munna, Mirza Mohtashim Alam, Shaikh Muhammad Allayear, Kaushik Sarker, Sheikh Joly Ferdaus Ara
    Pages 1031-1045
  16. Back Matter
    Pages 1059-1061

Other volumes

  1. Advances in Information and Communication
    Proceedings of the 2019 Future of Information and Communication Conference (FICC), Volume 1
  2. Proceedings of the 2019 Future of Information and Communication Conference (FICC), Volume 2

About these proceedings


This book presents a remarkable collection of chapters that cover a wide range of topics in the areas of information and communication technologies and their real-world applications. It gathers the Proceedings of the Future of Information and Communication Conference 2019 (FICC 2019), held in San Francisco, USA from March 14 to 15, 2019. The conference attracted a total of 462 submissions from pioneering researchers, scientists, industrial engineers, and students from all around the world. Following a double-blind peer review process, 160 submissions (including 15 poster papers) were ultimately selected for inclusion in these proceedings.

The papers highlight relevant trends in, and the latest research on: Communication, Data Science, Ambient Intelligence, Networking, Computing, Security, and the Internet of Things. Further, they address all aspects of Information Science and communication technologies, from classical to intelligent, and both the theory and applications of the latest technologies and methodologies.

Gathering chapters that discuss state-of-the-art intelligent methods and techniques for solving real-world problems, along with future research directions, the book represents both an interesting read and a valuable asset.


Cellular Networks Sensing and Sensor Networks Geographic Information Systems Cloud Networking Signal Processing Virtualization Machine to Machine (M2M) Cognitive Radio Body Area Networks Satellite and Optical Communication SAI FICC2019 FICC

Editors and affiliations

  • Kohei Arai
    • 1
  • Rahul Bhatia
    • 2
  1. 1.Faculty of Science and EngineeringSaga UniversitySagaJapan
  2. 2.The Science and Information (SAI) OrganizationBradfordUK

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