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ZDM is one of the oldest mathematics education research journals in publication. The journal surveys, discusses, and builds upon current research and theoretical-based perspectives in mathematics education. In addition, it serves as a forum for critical analysis of issues within the field.

All the papers published in the journal's seven annual themed issues are strictly by invitation. These papers are subject to an internal peer review by selected members from the editorial board as well as an external review by invited experts. The journal targets readers from around the world in mathematics education research who are interested in current developments in the field.

Issues in 2015

47(1) Evidence--‐based CPD: Scaling up sustainable interventions
Eds: Bettina Rösken-Winter, Celia Hoyles, Sigrid Blömeke

47(2) Enactivist methodology in mathematics education research
Eds: David Reid, Laurinda Brown, Alf Coles, Maria‐Dolores Lozano

47(3) Geometry in the primary school
Eds: Nathalie Sinclair, Cathy Bruce

47(4) Numeracy 
Eds: Vince Geiger, Merrilyn Goos, Helen Forgasz

47(5) Inhibitory control in mathematical thinking, problem solving and learning
Eds: Wim van Dooren, Matthew Inglis

47(6) Design research with a focus on learning processes
Eds: Susanne Prediger, Koeno Gravemeijer, Jere Confrey

47(7) Perception, interpretation and decision making: Understanding the missing link between competence and performance
Eds: Sigrid Blömeke, Jon Star

Issues in 2016

48(1) Scaffolding and Dialogic Teaching in Mathematics Education
Eds: Jantien Smit, Arthur Bakker, Rupert Wegerif

48(2) Cognitive neuroscience and mathematics learning – revisited after five years
Eds: Roland Grabner, Bert De Smedt

48(3) Improving teaching, developing teachers and teacher developers, and linking theory and practice through lesson study in mathematics: An international perspective
Eds: Rongjin Huang, Yoshinori Shimizu

48(4)  Survey on research on mathematics education
Eds: Marcelo Borba, Gabriele Kaiser, Berinderjeet Kaur

48(5) Mathematical Working Spaces in Schooling
Eds: Alain Kuzniak, Denis Tanguay, Iliada Elia

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