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ZDM is one of the oldest mathematics education research journals in publication. The journal surveys, discusses, and builds upon current research and theoretical-based perspectives in mathematics education. In addition, it serves as a forum for critical analysis of issues within the field.All the papers published in the journal's seven annual themed issues are strictly by invitation. These papers are subject to an internal peer review by selected members from the editorial board as well as an external review by invited experts. The journal targets readers from around the world in mathematics education research who are interested in current developments in the field.Issues in 201345(1) Learning from Similarities and Difference: Cross-national Studies on Aspects of Teaching and Learning Mathematics.  
Eds: Yoshinori Shimizu, Berinderjeet Kaur45(2) Creativity and Mathematics Education.
Eds: Roza Leikin, Demetra Pitta-Pantazi45(3) Classroom-based Interventions in Mathematics Education.
Eds: Andreas Stylianides, Gabriel Stylianides45(4) Theoretical Frameworks in Research on and with Mathematics Teachers.
Eds: Jeppe Skott, Laura van Zoest, Uwe Gellert45(5) Textbook Research in Mathematics Education.
Eds: Lianghuo Fan, Keith Jones, Jianpan Wang, Binyan Xu45(6) Implementation of Inquiry-based Learning in Day-to-day Teaching.
Eds: Katja Maaß, Michèle Artigue, Michiel Doorman, Konrad Krainer, Kenneth Ruthven46(7) Re-sourcing teacher work and interaction: new perspectives on resource design, use and teacher collaboration.
Eds:Birgit Pepin, Ghislaine Gueudet, Luc TroucheIssues in 2014         46(1)  Visualization as an Epistemological Learning Tool.
Eds: Ferdinand Rivera, Heinz Steinbring, Abraham Arcavi46(2)  Practices and strategies of promoting professional development of didacticians and teachers of mathematics: An, international perspective.
Eds: Rongjin Huang, Barbara Jaworski

46(3) New Perspectives on Learning and Cognition in Mathematics Education.
Eds: Gaye Williams, Hsin-Mei Huang46(4) The Teaching and Learning of Calculus.
Eds: Chris Rasmussen, Marcelo C. Borba46(5) Researching the Enacted Mathematics Curriculum
Eds: Denisse R. Thompson, Mary A. Huntley46(6) Language and Communication in Mathematics Education
Eds: Candia Morgan, Tracy Craig, Marcus Schuette, David Wagner46(7) Socioeconomic influence on mathematical achievement: what is visible and what is neglected
Eds: Tamsin Meaney, Paola Valero Issues in 201547(1) Evidence-based CPD: Scaling sustainable interventions at large
Eds: Sigrid Blömeke, Celia Hoyles, Bettina Rösken-Winter

18 Volumes 105 Issues 1,038 Articles available from 1997 - 2014

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