Biochemistry (Moscow) Supplement Series B: Biomedical Chemistry

ISSN: 1990-7508 (Print) 1990-7516 (Online)


Biomedical Chemistry presents results of research by scientists from Russia and other former Soviet republics and others worldwide. Topics include neurochemistry, clinical chemistry, molecular biology of pathological processes, medical genomics and proteomics, nanobiology and nanomedicine, development of new drugs and their biochemical pharmacology, introduction and advertisement of new biochemical methods into experimental and clinical medicine and more. The journal reports original research data on biochemistry, biochemical pharmacology, computer-aided drug design, clinical chemistry, medical enzymology, medical genomics and proteomics, molecular medicine, nanobiology and nanomedicine and QSAR analysis.

The journal also publishes reviews, lectures and special issues on the topical problems of modern biomedical chemistry and related areas.


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