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Recent Advances in Industrial and Applied Mathematics

  • This book is open access, which means that you have free and unlimited access

  • The scientific chapters are written by world top-level scientists

  • The subjects cover a wide spectrum of subjects within industrial and applied mathematics

  • The contributions are reviews of the afforded subjects

Part of the book series: SEMA SIMAI Springer Series (SEMA SIMAI, volume 1)

Part of the book sub series: ICIAM 2019 SEMA SIMAI Springer Series (ICIAM2019SSSS)

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Table of contents (13 papers)

  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-xxxix
  2. Invited Lectures

    1. Front Matter

      Pages 1-1
    2. Asteroid-Generated Tsunamis: A Review

      • Marsha Berger
      Pages 3-17Open Access
    3. Some Case Studies in Environmental and Industrial Mathematics

      • Alfredo Bermúdez
      Pages 19-38Open Access
    4. Modelling Our Sense of Smell

      • Carlos Conca
      Pages 39-55Open Access
    5. State Estimation—The Role of Reduced Models

      • Albert Cohen, Wolfgang Dahmen, Ron DeVore
      Pages 57-77Open Access
    6. Pattern Formation Inside Living Cells

      • Leah Edelstein-Keshet
      Pages 79-95Open Access
    7. Private AI: Machine Learning on Encrypted Data

      • Kristin Lauter
      Pages 97-113Open Access
    8. Hyperbolic Model Reduction for Kinetic Equations

      • Zhenning Cai, Yuwei Fan, Ruo Li
      Pages 137-157Open Access
    9. Cryptography and Digital Transformation

      • Kazue Sako
      Pages 159-171Open Access
    10. Numerical Study for Blood Flows in Thoracic Aorta

      • Hiroshi Suito, Koki Otera, Viet Q. H. Huynh, Kenji Takizawa, Naohiro Horio, Takuya Ueda
      Pages 195-203Open Access
    11. An Iterative Thresholding Method for Topology Optimization for the Navier–Stokes Flow

      • Haitao Leng, Dong Wang, Huangxin Chen, Xiao-Ping Wang
      Pages 205-226Open Access
    12. Dynamics of Complex Singularities of Nonlinear PDEs

      • J. A. C. Weideman
      Pages 227-247Open Access
  3. Back Matter

    Pages 249-249

About this book

This open access book contains review papers authored by thirteen plenary invited speakers to the 9th International Congress on Industrial and Applied Mathematics (Valencia, July 15-19, 2019). Written by top-level scientists recognized worldwide, the scientific contributions cover a wide range of cutting-edge topics of industrial and applied mathematics: mathematical modeling, industrial and environmental mathematics, mathematical biology and medicine, reduced-order modeling and cryptography. The book also includes an introductory chapter summarizing the main features of the congress. This is the first volume of a thematic series dedicated to research results presented at ICIAM 2019-Valencia Congress.


  • Open Access
  • Mathematical Modeling
  • Industrial and Environmental Mathematics
  • Mathematical Biology and Medicine
  • Reduced Order Modeling
  • Cryptography

Editors and Affiliations

  • Departamento de Ecuaciones Diferenciales y Análisis Numérico & Instituto de Matemáticas (IMUS), Universidad de Sevilla, Facultad de Matemáticas, Sevilla, Spain

    Tomás Chacón Rebollo

  • Departament de Matemàtiques, Facultat de Matemàtiques, Universitat de València, Burjassot (Valencia), Spain

    Rosa Donat

  • Departamento de Estadística, Informática y Matemáticas, Edificio Los Pinos, Campus Arrosadia, Universidad Pública de Navarra, Pamplona (Navarra), Spain

    Inmaculada Higueras

About the editors

Tomás Chacón Rebollo is a Full Professor at the Department of Differential Equations and Numerical Analysis and the Institute of Mathematics of the University of Seville (IMUS). He is Ph.D. in Mathematics and in Numerical Analysis at the universities of Seville and Paris 6, respectively. His scientific interests are numerical and reduced-order modeling in fluid mechanics and their applications to real-world problems. He is interested in the promotion of mathematical research and transfer. He was Director of BCAM (2012-13) and IMUS (2015-19) and chairman of ICIAM-2019 Congress.

Rosa Donat is a professor at the Department of Mathematics of the University of Valencia. She has worked on numerical methods for hyperbolic conservation laws and systems and on multiresolution and subdivision frameworks that incorporate nonlinear approximation techniques. She was actively involved in the Spanish Society for Applied Mathematics (SeMA), as president in the 2016-1020 period.

Inmaculada Higueras is a full professor at the Department of Statistics, Computer Science and Mathematics of the Public University of Navarre (Pamplona, Spain). Her research focuses on time stepping methods for differential problems (ODEs, DAEs and PDEs). She has worked on numerical stability, numerical preservation of qualitative properties (positivity, monotonicity, contractivity, etc.) and on the design and implementation of robust  and efficient numerical schemes.

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Buying options

Softcover Book USD 49.99
Price excludes VAT (USA)
Hardcover Book USD 59.99
Price excludes VAT (USA)