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Neurophysiology is an international scientific journal. It features a broad, interdisciplinary scope, which covers studies on molecular, cellular, and systemic neurophysiology, functional neuromorphology, neuropharmacology, and neurochemistry. Papers on neuromuscular physiology, neural mechanisms of higher nervous activity and behavior, neurophysiology, medical aspects of neurophysiology, and modeling of neural functions are also accepted. Both original experimental papers and review papers on contemporary problems of neuroscience can be submitted.

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    Communications of the VI Congress of the Ukrainian Neuroscience Society Dedicated to the 90th Anniversary of Academician P. G. Kostyuk (Kyiv, June 4 – 8, 2014)

    Potassium Channels and Signal Transduction Pathways in Neurons

    I. S. Magura, N. A. Bogdanova, E. V. Dolgaya (April 2015)

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    Ethical Responsibilities of the Authors

    (April 2015)

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    Dynamics of the Electrographic Indices in Rats and Hamsters Recovering from Artificial and Natural Hypometabolic States

    A. V. Shylo (April 2015)