, Volume 22, Issue 6, pp 433-438
Date: 11 Mar 2014

Asian Blepharoplasty with a Short-Pulsed Contact Nd–Yag Laser: Limited-Incision Resectable Laser Double Fold with Internal Medial and Lateral Functional Epicanthoplasty

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The double-fold operation is the most common aesthetic procedure in Asia, but complications such as gross asymmetry, loss of folds, and scars on the medial canthal region and upper eyelid are relatively common. To prevent these complications, caused by displacement of fixation sutures secondary to excessive edema or hematoma, we use fine fiber-delivered contact surgical Nd–Yag (Japan SLT) laser for incision, excision, coagulation, dissection, ablation, and fusion of the soft tissue. Comparing this laser treatment to conventional electrocautery techniques or to CO2 laser blepharoplasty, this contact short-pulsed Nd–Yag laser gives us a tactile sensation, providing a more precise, controlled surgical procedure without lateral thermal damage, and it is possible to operate through a small incision. A long-term follow-up study shows that there was no gross asymmetry, loss of folds, or visible or hypertrophic scars on the upper eyelid and medial canthal regions.