Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine

ISSN: 1738-2696 (Print) 2212-5469 (Online)


The “Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine” seeks to provide a platform for the advancement and dissemination of research and technologies related to tissue engineering and regenerative medicine to contribute to science and medicine.

The journal is a publication dedicated to helping provide research-based solutions to issues related to human diseases; it is an academic journal covering a wide array of issues in polymer chemistry, natural science, engineering, molecular biology, genomics, cytology, medical science, etc., in relation to tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. This journal features articles tackling a broad range of technologies, techniques, and applications related to the treatment of human diseases such as bio-material, cell therapy, formation of artificial organs, genes, etc., and regeneration of tissues or organs.

With the first issue dating back to 2004, this journal promotes the sharing and dissemination of related knowledge among members, provides insights into new trends in research/technological fields, and devotes itself to stimulating interdisciplinary research in new research and technological areas that take multidisciplinary approaches integrating information from the fields of biology, medicine, pharmacology, etc., and combine expertise in the fields of cell therapy technology, bio-material technology, tissue engineering technology, artificial organ technology, bio-implant technology, and other technologies. The “Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine” is listed in the Science Citation Index-Expanded (SCI-E) and is published bimonthly (6 times a year).

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