European Journal for Philosophy of Science

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The European Journal of Philosophy of Science publishes groundbreaking works that can deepen understanding of the concepts and methods of the sciences, as they explore increasingly many facets of the world we live in. It is of direct interest to philosophers of science coming from different perspectives, as well as scientists, citizens and policymakers. The journal is interested in articles from all traditions and all backgrounds, as long as they engage with the sciences in a constructive, and critical, way. The journal represents the various longstanding European philosophical traditions engaging with the sciences, but welcomes articles from every part of the world.

The EJPS is the official journal for the European Philosophy of Science Association.


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Latest Articles

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    Original Paper in Philosophy of Biology

    Abstraction in ecology: reductionism and holism as complementary heuristics

    Jani Raerinne (November 2017)

  2. No Access

    Original Paper in Philosophy of Mathematics

    Euler’s Königsberg: the explanatory power of mathematics

    Tim Räz (November 2017)

  3. No Access

    Original paper in Metaphysics of Science

    Token physicalism and functional individuation

    James DiFrisco (October 2017)