Journal of Insect Behavior

ISSN: 0892-7553 (Print) 1572-8889 (Online)


The Journal is a forum for publication of studies of insects and related Arthropod groups on orientation, migration, social behavior, sexual selection, rhythmicity, mate finding and courtship, learning, predation, defense, and host finding.  The Journal publishes original research and interpretative reviews.

To be considered for publication, original papers should emphasize behavioral reactions, not the endpoints of behavior.  Laboratory choice bioassays should attempt to mimic field conditions as much as feasible and the assay’s duration should be comparable to the natural times for response.  Often parallel, no-choice bioassays will be useful comparisons.  Papers that identify behaviorally active compounds generally are appropriate for journals that emphasize chemical ecology.  If new structures are proposed, however, the guidelines in the Journal of Chemical Ecology for structural verification are to be followed.  Papers that focus on field trapping, simple feeding assays, or insect management are not appropriate unless there is a significant emphasis on behavior.  The Journal does not publish papers describing the behavioral effects of botanicals or anthropogenic compounds such as pesticides, repellants, or environmental contaminants.  Preliminary work is not publishable. Papers that are not in acceptable English will be returned without review.  Authors who are non-native English speakers are encouraged to have their papers reviewed by a native speaker or use an editorial service before submission.  Spelling and punctuation are to follow American usage.

The order and family of the study organism are to be given in parentheses at their first mention in the Abstract and Introduction.  Species’ authors are not to be given.  Keywords should include the scientific name and family of the main study organism(s) if they are not mentioned in the Title.  Authors are encouraged to deposit voucher specimens of the subject species in a recognized collection and if appropriate indicate the authority responsible for species identification; these should be mentioned in the Materials and Methods or Acknowledgments as appropriate.

The Author Contribution section precedes Acknowledgments and describes how authors (identified by initials) contributed to the study.

The Editors are:
Dr Jeremy Allison, Natural Resources Canada, Intario, Canada & Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology Institute (FABI), University of Pretoria, Hatfield. South Africa

Prof. Ring Cardé, University of California, Riverside, California, USA

Associate Editor:
Prof. Richard Redak, University of California, Riverside, California, USA

5-Year Impact Factor: 1.123

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