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Integrating Immigrants in Europe

Research-Policy Dialogues


ISBN: 978-3-319-16255-3 (Print) 978-3-319-16256-0 (Online)

Table of contents (17 chapters)

  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-viii

  2. Chapter

    Pages 1-16

    Research-Policy Dialogues on Migrant Integration in Europe: A Conceptual Framework and Key Questions

  3. Forms and Functions of Research-Policy Dialogues

    1. Front Matter

      Pages 17-17

    2. Chapter

      Pages 19-38

      Cultures of Knowledge Use in Policymaking: The Functions of Research in German and UK Immigration Policy

    3. Chapter

      Pages 39-58

      Migration Statistics in Europe: A Core Component of Governance and Population Research

    4. Chapter

      Pages 59-76

      The Coproduction of National Models of Integration: A View from France and the Netherlands

    5. Chapter

      Pages 77-98

      Consultative Commissions and the Rethinking of Integration Policies in the Netherlands and Germany: The Blok Commission and the Süssmuth Commission Compared

    6. Chapter

      Pages 99-115

      European Cities in Search of Knowledge for Their Integration Policies

    7. Chapter

      Pages 117-129

      EU Policymaking and Research: Case Studies of the Communication on a Community Immigration Policy and the Common Basic Principles for Integration

    8. Chapter

      Pages 131-140

      Speaking Truth to Power? Why Civil Society, Beyond Academia, Remains Marginal in EU Migration Policy

  4. Research-Policy Dialogues in the European Union and Seven of Its Member States

    1. Front Matter

      Pages 141-141

    2. Chapter

      Pages 143-164

      Research-Policy Dialogues in Austria

    3. Chapter

      Pages 165-183

      Research-Policy Dialogues in Italy

    4. Chapter

      Pages 185-211

      Research-Policy Dialogues in Germany

    5. Chapter

      Pages 213-231

      Research-Policy Dialogues in the Netherlands

    6. Chapter

      Pages 233-251

      Research-Policy Dialogues in the United Kingdom

    7. Chapter

      Pages 253-273

      Research-Policy Dialogues in Poland

    8. Chapter

      Pages 275-292

      Research-Policy Dialogues in Denmark

    9. Chapter

      Pages 293-311

      Research-Policy Dialogues in the European Union

  5. Comparison and Conclusions

    1. Front Matter

      Pages 313-313

    2. Chapter

      Pages 315-336

      Research-Policy Dialogues on Migrant Integration in Europe: Comparison and Conclusions

  6. Back Matter

    Pages 337-343