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Nordic Artificial Intelligence Research and Development

4th Symposium of the Norwegian AI Society, NAIS 2022, Oslo, Norway, May 31 – June 1, 2022, Revised Selected Papers

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Part of the book series: Communications in Computer and Information Science (CCIS, volume 1650)

Conference series link(s): NAIS: Symposium of the Norwegian AI Society

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Conference proceedings info: NAIS 2022.

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Table of contents (11 papers)

  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-xii
  2. Robotics and Intelligent Systems

    1. Front Matter

      Pages 1-1
    2. Knowledge Infused Representations Through Combination of Expert Knowledge and Original Input

      • Daniel Biermann, Morten Goodwin, Ole-Christoffer Granmo
      Pages 3-15Open Access
    3. Pattern Based Software Architecture for Predictive Maintenance

      • Ants Torim, Innar Liiv, Chahinez Ounoughi, Sadok Ben Yahia
      Pages 26-38Open Access
  3. AI in Cyber and Digital Sphere

    1. Front Matter

      Pages 39-39
    2. An Overview of Artificial Intelligence Used in Malware

      • Lothar Fritsch, Aws Jaber, Anis Yazidi
      Pages 41-51Open Access
    3. Fake News Detection by Weakly Supervised Learning Based on Content Features

      • Özlem Özgöbek, Benjamin Kille, Anja Rosvold From, Ingvild Unander Netland
      Pages 52-64Open Access
  4. AI in Biological Applications and Medicine

    1. Front Matter

      Pages 79-79
    2. Detecting Human Embryo Cleavage Stages Using YOLO V5 Object Detection Algorithm

      • Akriti Sharma, Mette H. Stensen, Erwan Delbarre, Momin Siddiqui, Trine B. Haugen, Michael A. Riegler et al.
      Pages 81-93Open Access
    3. Phenotyping of Cervical Cancer Risk Groups via Generalized Low-Rank Models Using Medical Questionnaires

      • Florian Becker, Mari Nygård, Jan Nygård, Age Smilde, Evrim Acar
      Pages 94-110Open Access
    4. Automatic Unsupervised Clustering of Videos of the Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) Procedure

      • Andrea M. Storås, Michael A. Riegler, Trine B. Haugen, Vajira Thambawita, Steven A. Hicks, Hugo L. Hammer et al.
      Pages 111-121Open Access
  5. Towards New AI Methods

    1. Front Matter

      Pages 123-123
    2. The Kernelized Taylor Diagram

      • Kristoffer Wickstrøm, J. Emmanuel Johnson, Sigurd Løkse, Gustau Camps-Valls, Karl Øyvind Mikalsen, Michael Kampffmeyer et al.
      Pages 125-131Open Access
    3. Simulating University Application Data for Fair Matchings

      • Meirav Segal, Anne-Marie George, Christos Dimitrakakis
      Pages 132-138Open Access
  6. Back Matter

    Pages 139-139

Other Volumes

  1. Nordic Artificial Intelligence Research and Development

About this book

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 4th Symposium of the Norwegian AI Society, NAIS 2022, held in Oslo, Norway, during May 31–June 1, 2022. 

The 11 full papers included in this book were carefully reviewed and selected from 17 submissions. They were organized in topical sections as follows: robotics and intelligent systems; ai in cyber and digital sphere; ai in biological applications and medicine; and towards new ai methods.

This is an open access book.


  • artificial intelligence
  • clustering algorithms
  • computer security
  • computer vision
  • correlation analysis
  • data handling
  • data integration
  • engineering
  • expert systems
  • Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)
  • image analysis
  • image processing
  • integrated data
  • machine learning
  • network protocols
  • software engineering
  • unsupervised learning

Editors and Affiliations

  • Department of Mechanical, Electronics, and Chemical Engineering, Oslo Metropolitan University, Oslo, Norway

    Evi Zouganeli

  • Department of Computer Science, Oslo Metropolitan University, Oslo, Norway

    Anis Yazidi, Gustavo Mello, Pedro Lind

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Softcover Book USD 49.99
Price excludes VAT (USA)