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Tools and Algorithms for the Construction and Analysis of Systems

28th International Conference, TACAS 2022, Held as Part of the European Joint Conferences on Theory and Practice of Software, ETAPS 2022, Munich, Germany, April 2–7, 2022, Proceedings, Part II

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Conference proceedings info: TACAS 2022.

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Table of contents (36 papers)

  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-xxi
  2. Probabilistic Systems

    1. Front Matter

      Pages 1-1
    2. A Probabilistic Logic for Verifying Continuous-time Markov Chains

      • Ji Guan, Nengkun Yu
      Pages 3-21Open Access
    3. Under-Approximating Expected Total Rewards in POMDPs

      • Alexander Bork, Joost-Pieter Katoen, Tim Quatmann
      Pages 22-40Open Access
    4. Correlated Equilibria and Fairness in Concurrent Stochastic Games

      • Marta Kwiatkowska, Gethin Norman, David Parker, Gabriel Santos
      Pages 60-78Open Access
  3. Omega Automata

    1. Front Matter

      Pages 79-79
    2. A Direct Symbolic Algorithm for Solving Stochastic Rabin Games

      • Tamajit Banerjee, Rupak Majumdar, Kaushik Mallik, Anne-Kathrin Schmuck, Sadegh Soudjani
      Pages 81-98Open Access
    3. Practical Applications of the Alternating Cycle Decomposition

      • Antonio Casares, Alexandre Duret-Lutz, Klara J. Meyer, Florian Renkin, Salomon Sickert
      Pages 99-117Open Access
    4. Sky Is Not the Limit

      • Vojtěch Havlena, Ondřej Lengál, Barbora Šmahlíková
      Pages 118-136Open Access
    5. On-The-Fly Solving for Symbolic Parity Games

      • Maurice Laveaux, Wieger Wesselink, Tim A. C. Willemse
      Pages 137-155Open Access
  4. Equivalence Checking

    1. Front Matter

      Pages 157-157
    2. Distributed Coalgebraic Partition Refinement

      • Fabian Birkmann, Hans-Peter Deifel, Stefan Milius
      Pages 159-177Open Access
    3. From Bounded Checking to Verification of Equivalence via Symbolic Up-to Techniques

      • Vasileios Koutavas, Yu-Yang Lin, Nikos Tzevelekos
      Pages 178-195Open Access
    4. Equivalence Checking for Orthocomplemented Bisemilattices in Log-Linear Time

      • Simon Guilloud, Viktor Kunčak
      Pages 196-214Open Access
  5. Monitoring and Analysis

    1. Front Matter

      Pages 215-215
    2. A Theoretical Analysis of Random Regression Test Prioritization

      • Pu Yi, Hao Wang, Tao Xie, Darko Marinov, Wing Lam
      Pages 217-235Open Access
    3. Verified First-Order Monitoring with Recursive Rules

      • Sheila Zingg, Srđan Krstić, Martin Raszyk, Joshua Schneider, Dmitriy Traytel
      Pages 236-253Open Access
    4. Maximizing Branch Coverage with Constrained Horn Clauses

      • Ilia Zlatkin, Grigory Fedyukovich
      Pages 254-272Open Access
    5. Efficient Analysis of Cyclic Redundancy Architectures via Boolean Fault Propagation

      • Marco Bozzano, Alessandro Cimatti, Alberto Griggio, Martin Jonáš
      Pages 273-291Open Access

Other Volumes

  1. Tools and Algorithms for the Construction and Analysis of Systems

About this book

This open access book constitutes the proceedings of the 28th International Conference on Tools and Algorithms for the Construction and Analysis of Systems, TACAS 2022, which was held during April 2-7, 2022, in Munich, Germany, as part of the European Joint Conferences on Theory and Practice of Software, ETAPS 2022.

The 46 full papers and 4 short papers presented in this volume were carefully reviewed and selected from 159 submissions. The proceedings also contain 16 tool papers of the affiliated competition SV-Comp and 1 paper consisting of the competition report. 

TACAS is a forum for researchers, developers, and users interested in rigorously based tools and algorithms for the construction and analysis of systems. The conference aims to bridge the gaps between different communities with this common interest and to support them in their quest to improve the utility, reliability, exibility, and efficiency of tools and algorithms for building computer-controlled systems.



  • embedded systems
  • formal languages and automata theory
  • Formal methods and theory of security
  • Machine learning
  • Modeling and simulation
  • Semantics and reasoning
  • software and hardware verification
  • specification and verification techniques
  • static and dynamic program analysis
  • Symbolic and algebraic manipulation
  • system construction and transformation techniques

Editors and Affiliations

  • Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Be’er Sheva, Israel

    Dana Fisman

  • University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Urbana, USA

    Grigore Rosu

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Softcover Book USD 49.99
Price excludes VAT (USA)