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Universities as Living Labs for Sustainable Development

Supporting the Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals

  • Highly interdisciplinary, covering the social sciences, economics, business, education, and the environmental sciences

  • Describes sustainability and living labs approaches in a comprehensive way

  • Provides a sound basis to promote efforts in the field of sustainability among universities

  • Fills in a market niche, offering the first comprehensive publication on the topic

Part of the book series: World Sustainability Series (WSUSE)

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Table of contents (52 chapters)

  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-xii
  2. Campus as Living Labs for the SDGs

    1. Front Matter

      Pages 1-1
    2. Aligning Campus Strategy with the SDGs: An Institutional Case Study

      • Chris Shiel, Neil Smith, Elena Cantarello
      Pages 11-27
    3. The Role of Green Areas in University Campuses: Contribution to SDG 4 and SDG 15

      • Luciana Londero Brandli, Amanda Lange Salvia, Vanessa Tibola da Rocha, Janaina Mazutti, Giovana Reginatto
      Pages 47-68
    4. How Do You Teach Undergraduate University Students to Contribute to UN SDGs 2030?

      • Eric Pallant, Beth Choate, Benjamin Haywood
      Pages 69-85
    5. Sustainable Campuses as Living Labs for Sustainable Development: An Overview of a Brazilian Community University

      • Issa Ibrahim Berchin, Wellyngton Silva de Amorim, Isabela Blasi Valduga, Mauri Luiz Heerdt, José Baltazar Salgueirinho Osório de Andrade Guerra
      Pages 87-102
    6. Identifying and Overcoming Communication Obstacles to the Implementation of Green Actions at Universities: A Case Study of Sustainable Energy Initiatives in South Brazil

      • João Marcelo Pereira Ribeiro, Aline Autran, Stephane Louise Boca Santa, Ana Valquiria Jonck, Mica Magtoto, Rafael Ávila Faraco et al.
      Pages 103-119
    7. Mobilising the Sustainable Development Goals Through Universities: Case Studies of Sustainable Campuses in Malaysia

      • Jasmin Irisha Jim Ilham, Malik Hisyam Zaihan, Sakiinah Mahamad Hakimi, Mahamad Hakimi Ibrahim, Shakirin Shahrul
      Pages 121-133
    8. Towards a Learning System for University Campuses as Living Labs for Sustainability

      • L. A. Verhoef, M. Bossert, J. Newman, F. Ferraz, Z. P. Robinson, Y. Agarwala et al.
      Pages 135-149
    9. Nurturing the Seeds of Sustainability Governance: Rio+25 Brazilian Higher Education Institution Case Study

      • Ursula Maruyama, Patricia Prado, Aline Trigo, Jose Trigo
      Pages 151-166
    10. The Transdisciplinary Living Lab Model (TDLL)

      • Dena Fam, Abby Mellick Lopes, Katie Ross, Alexandra Crosby
      Pages 167-182
    11. Sustainability in Higher Education: Beyond the Green Mirror

      • Amy Walsh, Eleni Michalopoulou, Aisling Tierney, Hannah Tweddell, Chris Preist, Chris Willmore
      Pages 183-191
    12. The EDINSOST Project: Implementing the Sustainable Development Goals at University Level

      • Silvia Albareda-Tiana, Jorge Ruíz-Morales, Pilar Azcárate, Rocío Valderrama-Hernández, José Manuel Múñoz
      Pages 193-210
    13. Achieving Excellence in Sustainable Development Goals in Sunway University Malaysia

      • Wing Thye Woo, Hock Lye Koh, Su Yean Teh
      Pages 265-282

About this book

This book fills an important gap in the literature, and presents contributions from scientists and researchers working in the field of sustainable development who have engaged in dynamic approaches to implementing sustainability in higher education. It is widely known that universities are key players in terms of the implementation and further development of sustainability, with some having the potential of acting as “living labs” in this rapidly growing field. Yet there are virtually no publications that explore the living labs concept as it relates to sustainability, and in an integrated manner. The aims of this book, which is an outcome of the “4th World Symposium on Sustainable Development at Universities” (WSSD-U-2018), held in Malaysia in 2018, are as follows:
i. to document the experiences of universities from all around the world in curriculum innovation, research, activities and practical projects as they relate to sustainable development at the university level;
ii. to disseminate information, ideas and experiences acquired in the execution of projects, including successful initiatives and good practice;
iii. to introduce and discuss methodological approaches and projects that seek to integrate the topic of sustainable development in the curricula of universities; and
iv. to promote the scalability of existing and future models from universities as living labs for sustainable development.

The papers are innovative, cross-cutting and many reflect practice-based experiences, some of which may be replicable elsewhere. Also, this book, prepared by the Inter-University Sustainable Development Research Programme (IUSDRP) and the World Sustainable Development Research and Transfer Centre (WSD-RTC), reinforces the role played by universities as living labs for sustainable development.


  • Sustainability in Higher Education
  • Living Labs for Sustainability
  • Sustainability Research
  • Sustainability Teaching
  • Sustainable Development
  • WSSD-U-2018

Editors and Affiliations

  • European School of Sustainability Science and Research, HAW Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany

    Walter Leal Filho, Amanda Lange Salvia

  • Department of Geography, University of South Africa, Johannesburg, South Africa

    Rudi W. Pretorius

  • University of Passo Fundo, Passo Fundo, Brazil

    Luciana Londero Brandli

  • Democritus University of Thrace, Komotini, Greece

    Evangelos Manolas

  • Department of Social Sciences and Management, Universidade Aberta, Porto, Portugal

    Fatima Alves

  • Universidade de Aveiro, Aveiro, Portugal

    Ulisses Azeiteiro

  • School of Architecture and Design, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia

    Judy Rogers

  • Department of Life and Environmental Science, Bournemouth University, Poole, UK

    Chris Shiel

  • Department of Business and Economics, Research Unit NECE, Universidade da Beira Interior, Covilha, Portugal

    Arminda Do Paco

Bibliographic Information

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