Drug Dependence and Alcoholism

Volume 1 Biomedical Issues

  • Arnold J. Schecter

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxix
  2. Drug Abuse Treatment: General

    1. Elizabeth Serkin, Robert D. Gorodetzer
      Pages 1-4
    2. Joan Randell, Lee Koenigsberg
      Pages 5-14
    3. Mary Ann Pingalore, Elena J. Eisman
      Pages 15-21
    4. Jordan Scher, Khalid Baig, Si Bom You
      Pages 23-32
    5. Jordan Scher, Barry Crown, Helen O’Connor, Douglas Reginetz
      Pages 33-39
    6. Peter D. Rogers, Kathlyn T. Spencer
      Pages 41-43
    7. John A. Renner Jr., Howard Shaffer
      Pages 45-57
    8. Lee Koenigsberg, Ronald Bayer
      Pages 77-81
    9. Robert Klein, Martha Ann Zehner
      Pages 83-87
    10. Khalil A. Khavari, Frazier M. Douglass
      Pages 89-98
    11. Edward Kaufman, Pauline Kaufmann
      Pages 107-118
    12. Catherine E. Jordan
      Pages 119-124
    13. Lorraine M. Hinkle
      Pages 133-143
    14. Robert L. Graham, Val J. Boehme
      Pages 153-167
    15. Robert M. J. Haglund, Lynn L. Howerton
      Pages 169-175
    16. William F. Griglak
      Pages 177-178
    17. Earl R. Gardner, Richard C. W. Hall, Sondra K. Stickney
      Pages 185-191
    18. Robert V. Frye, Mark Friend Hammer, George Burke III
      Pages 193-199
    19. Bruce Fischer
      Pages 229-232
    20. Donald J. Egan, David Owen Robinson, J. Richard Pearson, Jann Wagner
      Pages 249-256
    21. Peter V. DiVasto, David L. Ryther
      Pages 263-267
    22. Kenneth DeSeve, James Loudermilk, Frank Cannata
      Pages 287-294
    23. George H. Burke III, Harvey B. Milkman, Mark F. Hammer
      Pages 331-339
    24. Howard F. Blumenfeld, Craig V. Showalter
      Pages 349-350
    25. Emizie Abbott
      Pages 351-355
    26. Richard M. Scott, Larry J. Lantinga
      Pages 361-366
    27. Steven B. Robbins, Michael D. Decaria
      Pages 393-398

About this book


The 1978 National Drug Abuse Conference held in Seattle marked the beginning of the second decade of these conferences and their predecessor National Methadone Conferences. They began as small conferences devoted to understanding the problems and promises in­ herent in methadone maintenance treatment of opiate-dependent pa­ tients. The first conference was held about a decade ago in New York City at the Rockefeller University. The attendees consisted of a small group of invited clinicians, administrators, and research workers. Over the years the conferences have increased in both breadth and depth of their coverage. On a national scale this conference alone considered the issues of alcoholism, opiate dependence, polydrug abuse, and all other forms of substance abuse. The thousands attending each of the conferences came from all walks of life within our field. Lawyers, physicians, and basic and applied research scientists met and interacted with counselors, administrators, government officials, ex-addicts, con­ trolled alcoholics, and others with serious interest in this field. Only at this conference was it possible to attend presentations con­ cerning the newest findings of a cellular, molecular, and chemical basis on one day and participate in discussions of problems of dis­ advantaged minorities, women, and clinicians on the next day. It was uniquely possible to meet with government officials and question them publicly, as well as in individual private conversations at this conference.


Exploration Methadon alcohol alcoholism burnout chemotherapy cocaine depression drug drug abuse ethanol pharmacology research stress women

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