The Job Skills Bank in Drug Addiction Treatment

  • Joan Randell
  • Lee Koenigsberg


A major objective of many drug treatment programs is the placement of clients in gainful employment. Since this task is difficult and challenging, success can be enhanced by approaching placement in an organized and systematic fashion. A commonly held misconception fosters the myth that there are few employment opportunities for the job-ready ex-addict. This notion implies that more and more emphasis must be placed on seeking out job opportunities for this population. In reality, the experience of a large, hospital-based drug treatment program and a non-profit organization specializing in the job placement of ex-addicts shows the reverse to be true, i.e., it has not been possible to refer suitable applicants to the majority of the job opportunities open to ex-addicts. This experience does not necessarily imply that there are not qualified applicants; rather, it suggests the magnitude of the problem in identifying the clients who have the prerequisite skills for jobs that are available.


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