Vaccine Analysis: Strategies, Principles, and Control

  • Brian K. Nunnally
  • Vincent E. Turula
  • Robert D. Sitrin

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. Mark S. Galinski, Kuldip Sra, John I. Haynes II, Jennifer Naspinski
    Pages 1-44
  3. Barbara Sanders, Martin Koldijk, Hanneke Schuitemaker
    Pages 45-80
  4. Robert D. Sitrin, Qinjian Zhao, Clinton S. Potter, Bridget Carragher, Michael W. Washabaugh
    Pages 81-112
  5. Pierre-Alain Moisset, Jeffrey Pederson, Nathalie Landry
    Pages 113-137
  6. Anita H. J. van den Biggelaar, Jan T. Poolman
    Pages 139-186
  7. Shwu-Maan Lee, Vincent Turula, Bradford Powell, Mikkel Nissum, Mariagrazia Pizza, Claudia Magagnoli et al.
    Pages 187-270
  8. Earl Zablackis, Philippe Talaga, Suddham Singh
    Pages 271-299
  9. Neil Ravenscroft, Paolo Costantino, Philippe Talaga, Roberto Rodriguez, William Egan
    Pages 301-381
  10. Rebecca L. Sheets, Paul A. Duncan
    Pages 397-443
  11. David Onions, Colette Côté, Brad Love, John Kolman
    Pages 445-477
  12. Beth Junker, Earl Zablackis, Thorsten Verch, Tim Schofield, Pierre Douette
    Pages 479-520
  13. Todd Ranheim, Ned Mozier, William Egan
    Pages 521-541
  14. William Egan, Timothy Schofield
    Pages 543-562
  15. Brian K. Nunnally
    Pages 563-572
  16. Rajesh K. Gupta, Chander K. Gupta, Laurent Mallet
    Pages 573-596
  17. Yoonkyung Do, Bradford Powell
    Pages 597-659
  18. Back Matter
    Pages 661-665

About this book


This book is an indispensable tool for anyone involved in the research, development, or manufacture of new or existing vaccines. It describes a wide array of analytical and quality control technologies for the diverse vaccine modalities.

Topics covered include the application of both classical and modern bio-analytical tools; procedures to assure safety and control of cross contamination; consistent biological transition of vaccines from the research laboratory to manufacturing scale; whole infectious attenuated organisms, such as live-attenuated and inactivated whole-cell bacterial vaccines and antiviral vaccines using attenuated or inactivated viruses; principles of viral inactivation and the application of these principles to vaccine development; recombinant DNA approaches to produce modern prophylactic vaccines; bacterial subunit, polysaccharide and glycoconjugate vaccines; combination vaccines that contain multiple antigens as well as regulatory requirements and the hurdles of licensure.


Active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) Bacterial derived proteins Biosafety Effective immune response Infections Virus derived proteins

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