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Intrinsic excitation effect for the Al and Mg samples XPS analysis


DIIMFP extraction method based on the numerical solution of electron scattering is presented. DIIMFP data extracted from Reflected Electron Energy Loss Spectra (REELS) is used for Photoelectron spectroscopy (PES) calculations. Experimental data can be described accurately without any intrinsic excitation effect. Authors propose that intrinsic energy losses were introduced to face inaccuracies due to inadequate description of electron energy loss process.

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Afanas’ev, V.P., Gryazev, A.S., Kaplya, P.S. et al. Intrinsic excitation effect for the Al and Mg samples XPS analysis. J. Synch. Investig. 10, 108–112 (2016).

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  • XPS
  • PES
  • AES
  • intrinsic excitation
  • invariant imbedding method
  • inelastic electron scattering
  • elastic electron scattering