Physico-chemical, morphological, pasting and thermal properties of stem flour and starch isolated from kithul palm (Caryota urens) grown in valley of Western Ghats of India

  • Cherakkathodi Sudheesh
  • Kappat Valiyapeediyekkal SunoojEmail author
  • Johnsy George
  • Sunny Kumar
  • Vallayil Appukuttan Sajeevkumar
Original Paper


Starch is the major component of kithul flour (66%) obtained from the trunk of kithul palm (Caryota urens). In this study, physicochemical, morphological, pasting and thermal properties of kithul flour and starch were compared. It is a high amylose starch (38.5%). Kithul starch has higher phosphorous content than some of the tubers and legume starches. Kithul starch is oval in shape with smooth surface and showed higher swelling index and solubility than flour. Kithul starch showed type A crystalline pattern with 34.2% relative crystallinity. Water and oil absorption capacity of kithul flour is higher than that of starch. Kithul starch showed higher pasting properties such as peak, trough, setback and final viscosity as compared to flour. Sharp increase in peak viscosity showed rapid swelling character of kithul flour and starch. As compared to flour, kithul starch gel has higher firmness. Kithul starch showed higher gelatinization (onset, peak and conclusion) temperature and enthalpy of gelatinization as compared to flour.


Kithul flour Kithul starch Morphological characters Pasting properties Gel texture Gelatinization properties 



The authors are thankful to the Department of Food Science and Technology and Central Instrumentation Facility, Pondicherry University for providing laboratory and instrumental facilities.


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  2. 2.Food Engineering and Packaging DivisionDefence Food Research LaboratoryMysoreIndia

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