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, Volume 45, Issue 6, pp 799–808 | Cite as

The role of peroxides in the mechanism of low-temperature autooxidation of methyl oleate and its solutions with lipids

  • N. V. Khrustova
  • L. N. Shishkina


The kinetics of low-temperature autooxidation of methyl oleate for a bimolecular mechanism of the degenerate branched reaction were analyzed taking into account changes in the methyl oleate concentration for different amounts of peroxides formed. This analysis made it possible to explain the experimental data. The role of the initial peroxide concentration in the mechanism and kinetics of the chain degenerate branched reaction of methyl oleate autooxidation was studied in the steady-state approximation and in the course of establishing a steady-state concentration of radicals. A systematic approach to estimating the antioxidant properties of lipids on the basis of the methyl oleate model was proposed.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • N. V. Khrustova
    • 1
  • L. N. Shishkina
    • 1
  1. 1.Emanuel Institute of Biochemical PhysicsRussian Academy of SciencesMoscowRussia

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