Kinetics and Catalysis

ISSN: 0023-1584 (Print) 1608-3210 (Online)


Kinetics and Catalysis (Kinetika i Kataliz) is the only Russian journal that currently publishes theoretical and experimental materials on homogeneous and heterogeneous kinetics and catalysis. Other topics addressed include the mechanism and kinetics of noncatalytic processes in gaseous, liquid, and solid phases, quantum chemical calculations in kinetics and catalysis, methods of investigating catalytic processes and catalysts, the chemistry of catalysts and adsorbent surfaces, the structure and physicochemical properties of catalysts, preparation and poisoning of catalysts, macrokinetics, and computer simulation in catalysis. The journal publishes information on scientific conferences held in the Commonwealth of Independent States, as well as surveys by leading researchers on contemporary problems in kinetics and catalysis.

Kinetics and Catalysis was founded in 1960 by the Russian scientist Academician G.K. Boreskov, along with other outstanding specialists in kinetics and catalysis.

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