Invisible neutrino decays at the MOMENT experiment

  • Jian Tang
  • Tse-Chun WangEmail author
  • Yibing Zhang
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Regular Article - Theoretical Physics


We investigate invisible decays of the third neutrino mass eigenstate in future accelerator neutrino experiments using muon-decay beams such as MuOn-decay MEdium baseline NeuTrino beam experiment (MOMENT). MOMENT has outstanding potential to measure the deficit or excess in the spectra caused by neutrino decays, especially in νμ and \( {\overline{\nu}}_{\mu } \) disappearance channels. Such an experiment will improve the constraints of the neutrino lifetime τ3. Compared with exclusion limits in the current accelerator neutrino experiments T2K and NOvA under the stable ν assumption, we expect that MOMENT gives the bound of τ3/m3 ≥ 10−11 s/eV at 3σ, which is better than their recent limits: τ3/m3 ≥ 7 × 10−13 s/eV in NOvA and τ3/m3 ≥ 1.41 × 10−12 s/eV in T2K. The non-decay scenario is expected to be excluded by MOMENT at a confidence level > 3σ, if the best fit results in T2K and NOvA are confirmed. We further find that reducing systematic uncertainties is more important than the running time. Finally, we find some impact of τ3/m3 on the precision measurement of other oscillation parameters.


Beyond Standard Model Neutrino Physics 


Open Access

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