Polymer Mechanics

, Volume 4, Issue 4–6, pp 815–819 | Cite as

Rubber life over a broad interval of stresses and aggressive medium concentrations

  • Yu. S. Zuev
  • I. I. Gol'berg


A generalized dependence of rubber life on stress and the concentration of the aggressive medium is proposed for a broad interval of variation of stresses and concentrations. The known expressions for the life in air and aggressive media as functions of stress (at large values of σ) and concentration at constant stress are obtained as special cases. At zero concentration the proposed relation goes over into Zhurkov's equation with γ=γ(σ). The proposed equation and the graphic construction can be used, in particular, for determining rubber life in air at low stresses, i.e., under conditions similar to those encountered in service.


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  • Yu. S. Zuev
  • I. I. Gol'berg

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