Glutaraldehyde as a crosslinking agent for collagen-based biomaterials

The formation of Schiff bases during crosslinking of dermal sheep collagen (DSC) with glutaraldehyde (GA), their stability and their reactivity towards GA was studied. All available free amine groups had reacted with GA to form a Schiff base within 5 min after the start of the reaction under the conditions studied (0.5% (w/w) GA). Before crosslinks are formed the hydrolysable Schiff bases initially present were stabilized by further reaction with GA molecules. An increase in shrinkage temperature (T s) from 56°C for non-crosslinked DSC (N-DSC) to 78°C for GA crosslinked DSC (G-DSC) was achieved after crosslinking for 1 h. From the relationship between the free amine group content and the T s during crosslinking it was concluded that higher GA concentrations and longer reaction times will result in the introduction of pendant-GA-related molecules rather than crosslinks. After 24 h crosslinking an average uptake of 3 GA molecules per reacted amine group was found. No increase in the tensile strength of the materials was observed after crosslinking, which may be a result of formation of crosslinks within the fibres rather than in between fibres. Aligning of the fibres by applying a pre-strain to the samples and subsequent crosslinking yielded materials with an increased tensile strength.

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