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Flash smelting and converting furnaces: A 50 year retrospect

  • Ilkka V. Kojo
  • Ari Jokilaakso
  • Pekka Hanniala
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1999 marked the 50th anniversary of the Outokumpu flash-smelting process. Originating during the post-World War II energy crisis, flash smelting is a high-intensity process developed to attain ever-increasing throughputs and intensities. Many innovations and continuous development ensued during the next 50 years before today’s state-of-the-art copper-making process chain and environmental benchmarking technology (e.g., Outokumpu flash smelting, Kennecott-Outokumpu flash converting, and flash technology) became possible. This article reviews how Outokumpu flash furnace design, especially cooling for higher heat loads, has improved over the years.


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  • Ilkka V. Kojo
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  • Ari Jokilaakso
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  • Pekka Hanniala
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