Gravitational resonances in mimetic thick branes

  • Yi Zhong
  • Yu-Peng Zhang
  • Wen-Di Guo
  • Yu-Xiao LiuEmail author
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Regular Article - Theoretical Physics


In this work, we investigate gravitational resonances in both single and double mimetic thick branes, which can provide a new way to detect the extra dimension. For the single brane model, we apply the relative probability proposed in [Phys. Rev.D 80 (2009) 065019]. For the double brane model, we investigate the resonances quasi-localized on the double brane, on the sub-branes and between the sub-branes, respectively. To investigate the resonances quasi-localized on the double brane, we introduce two different definitions of the relative probability and find that the corresponding mass spectra of gravitational resonances are almost the same. For the gravitational resonances quasi-localized on sub-branes and between the sub-branes, the influence of the distance between the two sub-branes and the thickness of the sub-branes are analyzed and new features are found in both cases.


Classical Theories of Gravity Large Extra Dimensions 


Open Access

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