Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics

ISSN: 0177-7971 (Print) 1436-5065 (Online)


Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics publishes original research papers discussing physical and chemical processes in both clear and cloudy atmospheres. The following topic areas are particularly emphasized: atmospheric dynamics and general circulation; synoptic meteorology; weather systems in specific regions, such as the tropics, the polar caps and the oceans; atmospheric energetics; numerical modeling and forecasting; physical and chemical processes in the atmosphere, including radiation, optical effects, electricity, and atmospheric turbulence and transport processes, and mathematical and statistical techniques applied to meteorological data sets.

Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics discusses physical and chemical processes - in both clear and cloudy atmospheres - including radiation, optical and electrical effects, precipitation and cloud microphysics.

  • 127 Volumes
  • 285 Issues
  • 2,752 Articles
  • 24 Open Access
  • 1949 - 2015 Available