Geometric and Functional Analysis

ISSN: 1016-443X (Print) 1420-8970 (Online)


Geometric And Functional Analysis (GAFA) publishes major results on topics in geometry and analysis including: Asymptotic geometric analysis; concentration phenomenon and geometric inequalities;Symplectic geometry and topology; Geometric analysis in combinatorics and probability;  Geometric group theory; Mathematical problems arising from quantum field theories; Non-commutative geometry; Modern geometric methods in real and complex analysis; Automorphic forms and analytic number theory; Arithmetic and algebraic geometry; Quantum chaos; Modern Riemannian geometry; Complexity theory; PDE in differential geometry and mathematical physics. We welcome papers which make connections between these fields, and their applications to other areas.Bibliographic Data
Geom. Funct. Anal.
First published in 1991
1 volume per year, 6 issues per volume
approx. 1100 pages per volume
Format: 19.3 x 26 cm
ISSN 1016-443X (print)
ISSN 1420-8970 (electronic)AMS Mathematical Citation Quotient (MCQ): 1.26 (2011)

24 Volumes 138 Issues 991 Articles available from 1991 - 2014

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