European Journal for Philosophy of Science

ISSN: 1879-4912 (Print) 1879-4920 (Online)


The European Journal of Philosophy of Science publishes groundbreaking works that can deepen understanding of the world as well as being of direct interest to scientists, citizens and policymakers who make use of science. The journal presents philosophy of science articles from all traditions and all backgrounds. Although founded in Europe, the journal welcomes articles from every part of the world.

The EJPS is the official journal for the European Philosophy of Science Association.


  • 5 Volumes
  • 13 Issues
  • 104 Articles
  • 6 Open Access
  • 2011 - 2015 Available between

Latest Articles

  1. No Access

    Original paper in Philosophy of Physics

    A Note on Rovelli’s ‘Why Gauge?’

    Nicholas J. Teh (March 2015)

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    General Philosophy of Science

    EMU defended: reply to Newman (2014)

    Kareem Khalifa (March 2015)

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    Original paper in Philosophy of Science

    Predictivism and old evidence: a critical look at climate model tuning

    Mathias Frisch (March 2015)