Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems

ISSN: 1387-2532 (Print) 1573-7454 (Online)


This is the official journal of the International Foundation for Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems. It provides a leading forum for disseminating significant original research results in the foundations, theory, development, analysis, and applications of autonomous agents and multi-agent systems. Coverage in Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems includes, but is not limited to: Agent decision-making architectures and their evaluation, including: cognitive models; knowledge representation; logics for agency; ontological reasoning; planning (single and multi-agent); reasoning (single and multi-agent) Cooperation and teamwork, including: distributed problem solving; human-robot/agent interaction; multi-user/multi-virtual-agent interaction; coalition formation; coordination Agent communication languages, including: their semantics, pragmatics, and implementation; agent communication protocols and conversations; agent commitments; speech act theory Ontologies for agent systems, agents and the semantic web, agents and semantic web services, Grid-based systems, and service-oriented computing Agent societies and societal issues, including: artificial social systems; environments, organizations and institutions; ethical and legal issues; privacy, safety and security; trust, reliability and reputation Agent-based system development, including: agent development techniques, tools and environments; agent programming languages; agent specification or validation languages Agent-based simulation, including: emergent behavior; participatory simulation; simulation techniques, tools and environments; social simulation Agreement technologies, including: argumentation; collective decision making; judgment aggregation and belief merging; negotiation; norms Economi, c paradigms, including: auction and mechanism design; bargaining and negotiation; economically-motivated agents; game theory (cooperative and non-cooperative); social choice and voting Learning agents, including: computational architectures for learning agents; evolution, adaptation; multi-agent learning. Robotic agents, including: integrated perception, cognition, and action; cognitive robotics; robot planning (including action and motion planning); multi-robot systems. Virtual agents, including: agents in games and virtual environments; companion and coaching agents; modeling personality, emotions; multimodal interaction; verbal and non-verbal expressiveness Significant, novel applications of agent technology Comprehensive reviews and authoritative tutorials of research and practice in agent systems Comprehensive and authoritative reviews of books dealing with agents and multi-agent systems.

28 Volumes 87 Issues 466 Articles available from 1998 - 2014

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