Biotechnology Letters

, Volume 19, Issue 5, pp 407-409

First online:

Xylitol production from rice straw hemicellulose hydrolysate using different yeast strains

  • Zea D.V.L. MayerhoffAffiliated withDepartamento de Biotecnologia (DEBIQ)/FAENQUIL
  • , Inês C. RobertoAffiliated withDepartamento de Biotecnologia (DEBIQ)/FAENQUIL
  • , Sílvio S. SilvaAffiliated withDepartamento de Biotecnologia (DEBIQ)/FAENQUIL

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Thirty different yeast strains belonging to four different genera (Candida, Debaryomyces, Hansenula and Pichia) were evaluated for xylitol production in rice straw hemicellulose hydrolysate under two aeration levels. Candida guillier-mondii FTI-20037, C. mogii NRRL Y-17032, C. parapsilosis IZ-1710 and C. veronae IZ-945 produced xylitol from rice straw hemicellulose hydrolysate with high yields (>60%). The best performance was by C. mogii, which yielded 0.65 g xylitol/g at 0.40 g/l.h over 75 h.