, Volume 42, Issue 8, pp 2456-2465
Date: 11 Mar 2011

Favorable Environment for a Nondendritic Morphology in Controlled Diffusion Solidification

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The novelty of the controlled diffusion solidification (CDS) process is the mixing of two precursor alloys with different thermal masses to obtain the resultant desired alloy, which is subsequently cast into a near-net-shaped product. The critical event in the CDS process is the ability to generate a favorable environment during the mixing of the two precursor alloys to enable a well-distributed and copious nucleation event of the primary Al phase leading to a nondendritic morphology in the cast part. The turbulence dissipation energy coupled with the undercooling of the precursor alloy with the higher temperature enables the copious nucleation events, which are well distributed in the resultant mixture.