, Volume 143, Issue 7, pp 687-696
Date: 04 May 2013

Effect of Aging Atmosphere on Catalytic Activity for NO–CO–C3 H6 –O2 Reaction of CeO2 -Containing Oxide Supported Pd Catalysts

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The catalytic activity for CO, hydrocarbon and NO removal on Al2O3 and CeO2 based oxides supported Pd catalysts were studied under switching of aging condition between air and N2 atmosphere. For CeO2-containing Pd catalysts, the deterioration of catalytic activities by aging in N2 was improved by oxidative treatment. Based on results of XPS and FT-IR measurements, it was presumed that the catalytic activity of Pd catalysts was strongly affected by the adsorbed form of CO on Pd, which occurs owing to a change of the chemical state of Pd.

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