, Volume 15, Issue 12, pp 3095-3103

Gel growth and dielectric studies of K, Rb and Cs perchlorates

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Single crystals of K, Rb and Cs perchlorates have been grown by the counter diffusion of the respective ions and ClO 4 through the gel medium. Studies on nucleation, growth kinetics, morphological aspects and purity are discussed in this paper. The dielectric constant, ε b, as well as loss measured along the longest axis, exhibits an anomaly at the transition temperature, T t, in all the three crystals. It is found that the peak values of T t are approximately 800, 100 and 53 in K, Rb and Cs perchlorates, respectively. The dielectric anomaly and the large value of ε b in the cubic phase are discussed in terms of the degree of disorder of the ClO 4 group and the possible contribution from defects.